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About AlphaBetty Saga

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: | Platform: Mobile
AlphaBetty Saga is another free-to-play match-three style game developed and published by King. It’s a fun word game where you search to find words within a jumble of letter blocks; it's basically a blind word search. The protagonist, a mouse called Betty, is on a quest to fill the Encyclopedia of Everything. Along the way, you’re presented with various challenges, such as dropping wedges of cheese to the bottom of the board. The AlphaBetty Saga game is available for iOS and Android, as well as via Facebook.

Core Challenges of AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty is actually very difficult. The game does give you hints as to where words are, but one cannot win on three letter words alone. Here are some Alpha Betty Saga tips and tricks to help you:

The main point of the game is to find words. The longer you manage to make words the more points or power-ups you will be able to create. Always attempt to add an 'e' or 's' to the end of a word.

Remember The Basics
If you are having trouble finding words, try to remember basic structures. A word has to have a vowel so seek out the 'i' 'e' 'o' 'u' 'a' letters and work outwards. Also, look out for two letter sounds such as 'oo' and 'ou' for longer words. You Don't Have To Be Straight: Unlike a word search, AlphaBetty lets you create words in zigzags or backwards too. Be sure to utilize this since there often aren't any words left on the horizontal and vertical planes.

Sometimes you need to get rid of blocks you can't reach. In order to do this, focus on making four letter words. Four letter words create special power-ups called crowns. When crowns are used in a word they delete a block elsewhere that needs to go. Use these, but wait till the end otherwise they may not delete the ones you are after.

What We Like About AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty is very hard and very fun. It has fun characters and that cute King art style, overall is presented quite well. Here are three particular things that make it stand out to me:

AlphaBetty is completely different from other match-three games due to the extra mechanic of finding words rather than matching colors. It makes it a lot harder for sure, but that helps extend the hours you will get out of the game.

Choice of Controls
The game freely allows you to alternate between tapping letters or sliding a finger across to make words and any combination between. The ability to make words that twist all over the place makes for an interesting challenge, too.

Generous Amount of Starting Currency
You start off with a lot of gold, which is the premium currency. This is useful if you save it for the later levels since you can extend the amount of moves you have on harder levels. It's a double edge sword though since once you run out you'll be reliant on real money.

Story/Gameplay of AlphaBetty Saga

The protagonist, Betty, along with her Uncle Alpha and good friend Barney is exploring the world in an attempt to fill the 'Encyclopedia of Everything'. You progress through the map by completing levels. There are various challenges, but the essence is that you make words from the jumble of letters given to you. The gameplay is a similar to a word search combined with match-three style play. There are a few obstacles such as mousetraps and vines, and very few power-ups, so it is heavily reliant on the players skill or wallet.

Top User Questions About AlphaBetty Saga

How Do I Earn Points/How Are Points Awarded? 
Points are awarded when you create a word. The longer the word the more points you will receive. Harder to use letters such as 'X' are worth more points. The letters have small numbers that indicate worth in the corner of their blocks.

What Are Gold Tiles? 
These are special blocks that cause the value of a word to be doubled if you use them.

Making a 5-letter word makes two-way line blasters. Four-way line blasters by making a 6 letter one, and the best are an eight-way, which is made by connecting 7 letters. The direction of a two-way is dictated by the placement of the final block.

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