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About Angry Birds Epic

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Rovio Entertainment | Platform: Mobile
Developed by Chimera Entertainment and published by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds Epic twists the classic Angry Birds gameplay into a free-to-play role-playing game. While it still shares many similarities to the rest of the Angry Birds series, such as the familiar characters and storyline, the role-playing twist adds a new element to the game that is bound to draw a number of new fans to the series that may have been on the fence until now. Angry Birds Epic can be found on iOS, Android and Windows devices for everyone to download and enjoy.

Angry Birds Epic: Core Challenges

While the Angry Birds series isn’t usually a series that comes with too many challenges, role-playing games are usually filled with them. Angry Birds Epic does a good job of mixing the two together in a challenging way. Here are some of the things to look out for.

Level of Difficulty
When it comes to role-playing games, battles are a primary part of the game. In order to proceed in Angry Birds Epic, you need to be able to win in fights. Early on in the game, this is pretty easy. One or two attacks to each enemy and fight is over. That doesn’t last too long as the difficulty in the game quickly increases and fights become much more challenging. For some players, this isn’t a problem; however, a large majority of players will hit a wall and won’t be able to win. When this happens, it is important to find and use every strong weapon and piece of armor that you can get because you will need them.

Forging System
As fights become more difficult in Angry Birds Epic and the game becomes more challenging, it will be crucial to get stronger equipment. Learning to forge is a must at this point. Sure, you may still find some equipment as you play, but the majority of your items will come from what you can forge. 

Passive Abilities
When the game starts to get difficult, it is important to remember that most of the characters in the game have a secondary passive ability. These passive abilities are crucial to surviving the long, drawn-out fights that will come as difficulty increase. Many of these abilities, especially Matilda’s, are essential to keeping your birds safe and protected. As a result, it is important to use them as often as possible to survive and win.

What We Like About Angry Birds Epic

When it comes to the Angry Birds series, there is plenty to enjoy about the games with most of it coming from those angry avian. Angry Birds Epic is no different, and here are three of the top reasons why. 

Easy Battle System
While the battles in the game get pretty intense quickly, the system that you battle with is very simple. Everything that you do in battles consists of taps and dragging your finger. This allows battles to take place with ease. More than that, this style allows the game to stick to the role-playing roots that it is trying to create with Angry Birds Epic.

All The Characters
Much like with the other games in the Angry Birds series, the best part of the game is usually the characters. And like with many of these other games, it consists of a cast of birds and pigs. While this may seem like the same idea over and over again, all the characters that you know and love have embraced their nerd side and are all dressed up and ready for a role-playing adventure.

The Graphics
Angry Birds Epic features some very nice graphics. The characters sit on a beautifully drawn background. This makes the characters more animated and makes the background pop more. On top of that, the animation within the game flows very well and allows the battles to occur without any hiccups in the gameplay.

Story and Gameplay of Angry Birds Epic

The story of Angry Birds Epic revolves around the same storyline that has been found in nearly every game in the Angry Birds series. The pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs, and once again, the birds much chase them down and get them back. It features Red and the rest of the birds, including Chuck, Matilda, Bomb and the Blues.

In this game, both the birds and the pigs enjoy the role-playing aspect of the game by dressing up and enjoying all the powers that come with it.

Angry Birds Epic: Game-Related FAQ

Do I Need In-App Purchases (IAPs) to Win?
Angry Birds Epic loves to advertise its own boosts. They aren’t necessary to beat the game, but they can definitely help. The ads can get annoying after a little while, but they are easy to exit out of and still enjoy the game. They usually increase your chances of winning, but with some practice, you can battle and win.

How Do I Earn More Gold and Resources?
Within the game, there are two different currencies that you can earn along with a variety of different resources. The two different currencies are the coins and the snoutlings, and they are used to buy new equipment and consumables. You can earn more of these by earning treasure chests and by attacking the daily golden pig level. You earn resources by finding logs, stones and by earning them as you beat each level.

Are Any Allies More Useful Than Others?
The allies that you get in the Angry Birds Epic game range from healers to fighters to wizards. The usefulness of each of your allies depends on the equipment that you have to each. It also depends on how you play. If you prefer an all-out attack strategy, a weak attacker may not be your best choice. Likewise, if you prefer to a safe fight then long range attacks and healers are your best bet. It all depends on you.

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