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About Angry Birds Stella

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Rovio Entertainment | Platform: Mobile
Developed and published by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds Stella is a spin-off from the original Angry Birds series for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. It focuses around one of the original Angry Birds characters, Stella, and her adventures around Golden Island with her friends. This game was meant to market the Angry Birds series to females by providing the game with its first female cast of birds.

Angry Birds Stella: Core Challenges

Although the games in the Angry Birds series follow the same premise between most of the games, it is still possible to find some aspects of the game challenging. Here are some of the challenges players may experience while playing Angry Birds Stella

Harnessing New Powers
Out of the many challenging aspects of Angry Birds Stella, one of the biggest challenges would have to be the new characters. While these characters are one of the things that we love about the game, their powers are a different story. In order to play each level to its fullest, you need to learn how to use each of the powers that the new birds possess. While this may seem like a simple task, it requires some practice as most of the new birds involve special skills such as teleportation or aiming. These are different from the usual abilities in the series and as a result they are harder to use.

Using Your Birds Appropriately
Each level of the game presents you with certain number of birds. The number of birds depends on how well you have done on previous levels. That means that as levels progress and get harder you may end up with fewer birds to use on later levels. As a result, you need to learn how to use the birds properly so that you can cause the most destruction with the least amount of birds as possible. You can do this by paying attention to the main birds that a level offers and realizing that you should be able to beat a level with just those birds and not any others that you may potentially earn.

While coins don’t play a major role in Angry Birds Stella, they are important to earn for the moments when you will need them. There are two main ways to earn coins: the first is to collect the few that appear as you destroy levels and the second is to focus on earning stars. As you earn stars, you will unlock different items. One of these items is a sack of coins that provides you with a decent sum of coins.

What We Like About Angry Birds Stella

Just as there are many things about the Angry Birds series that are challenging to deal with, there are also many things to enjoy. Here are three of the top things that we enjoyed from Angry Birds Stella.

New Characters
One refreshing change that Angry Birds Stella brings is its new cast of characters. Instead of being stuck with the same five or six birds with the same powers, you are able to use a brand new group of birds that introduce new and revamped powers to the game. I loved this change because it allowed the opportunity to take out the pigs and everything that holds them up in new ways.

Changing The Look
These new characters brought another interesting change with them. Not only did they have new powers, they also had tons of new looks. As you earn stars and progress in the game, you find photographs of all the game’s characters. Using these photos, you are able to change the way a character looks to match how they appeared in the photo. 

The Graphics
None of the Angry Birds series are known for having particularly amazing graphics and Angry Birds Stella is no different. But, that doesn’t mean that the graphics aren’t good. In fact, the game features some background graphics that look like they could be part of a nice oil painting. The foreground contains a slightly less artistic appearance, and instead shows off the animation that can be found in each level as you smash the pigs. Together, they blend into a beautiful masterpiece of a game.

Story/Gameplay of Angry Birds Stella

The story of Angry Birds Stella takes place in a separate location from the rest of the Angry Birds series. It features Stella, a character from other games in the series, taking a vacation from the rest of the flock in the original games to visit some friends on Golden IslandDuring her visit, Gale and the pigs steal her photo album and the photos of all her friends. This sends the birds on a journey to retrieve their stolen photos by launching themselves at the pigs and chasing down Gale.

Angry Birds Stella: Game-Related FAQ

What Are The Pig Sightings?
Once the game progresses a bit, the female flock has some of their items stolen. After this happens, the overview map of the game shows off random pig locations known as “pig sightings”. At these locations, you play random levels that allow you a chance to win some of the items that were stolen back. Not only do these levels offer the chance to earn these items back, they also give you a chance to level up and earn new looks for the pigs.

What Effects Do The Pig Walls Have?
Every ten or so levels, the pigs build a wall and drop some smoke to thwart you. When this happens, you are stopped until the smoke clears. That leaves you with two options. The first option is to wait it out and replay some levels until you are able to proceed. The second option is to pay to clear out the smoke. Whether you wait or pay, you will need to clear the level that sits on the wall in order to proceed.

One of the best things to show up in Angry Birds Stella is the hammer. This hammer allows you to destroy a portion of the level by smashing a hammer into it. There are two ways to use this. The first is to wait until the hammer has charged and it will cost you nothing to use. This takes a while, but it is worth it since it gives you the opportunity to deal a lot of free damage. The second option is to pay to use it and this allows you to use it whenever you can afford it.

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