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About Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Don't have Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer?

Genre: Simulation | Publisher: Nintendo | Platform: 3DS
Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer can be called a spin-off to the previous installment to the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing New Leaf. Happy Home Designer is considered a “sister game” to Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival and was developed to incorporate Amiibos into its design. Unfortunately, the only way to use Amiibos or Amiibo Cards with Happy Home Designer is to buy the Nintendo NFC Reader/Writer Accessory if the user doesn't already own a New 3DS XL. In spite of this, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer still sold over half a million copies within the first week of its release in Japan.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: Gameplay

The goal of the game is very simple: design houses. The game is very lenient as far as placing furniture and pleasing clients and there isn't really a way to fail. The one sure fire way the player can fail when designing a house is for the player to throw away furniture that the client provides. Otherwise, the player can design, decorate and furnish houses without restrictions or limitations while still pleasing the client.

While designing, players can access furniture and accessories through different tabs at the top of the lower 3DS screen. Players will unlock new furniture as they progress through the game that can be used for all home designs once unlocked. Players will also get the chance to furnish other buildings besides houses such as hospitals, schools and stores.

Multiplayer features can be accessed on the ground floor or Nook's Homes. The player can share screen shots of their designs via the computer on Lottie's desk. The amiibo interaction occurs using the phone created by Lyle. The player can use it with Amiibo cards released with the game to make calls to villagers and make requests to remodel their houses; or invite them over to the other's villager's houses.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: What We Like About It

Returning Characters 
Seeing familiar faces in a new game is always a welcome sight. Sure, new characters are great too, but it just wouldn't feel like an Animal Crossing game without Tom Nook. Seeing Isabelle make a return and integrated into the story is also a welcome sight!

Total Creative Freedom 
“Include the client's furniture.” That is the ONLY requirement in designing homes. Everything else is completely up to the player to furnish houses how ever they want. The player can design a beautiful house, or fill it completely with toilets!

Degree of Customization 
The level of customization in this game goes beyond simple character creation. Houses can be designed on the inside and outside and different types of furniture come in different designs as well. Even individual pieces of furniture can be customized even further!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: Story

The game starts as the player being the newest employee at Nook's Homes and the other employees are expecting much! The player make's his/her way through the game designing houses and furnishing homes for Nook's company. One day, s/he is approached by Isabelle, another employee under Tom Nook, who asks for the player's help in designing and furnishing new facilities for the town such as schools and restaurants. Impressed with the player's work, Nook promotes him/her and puts him/her of further developing the town to bring in new homeowners and develop the town to make it thrive and prosper.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: FAQs

How do I use an Amiibo Card? 
Simply hold it up to the Amiibo reader on your New 3DS. If you have a 2DS or older 3DS, you'll need to buy the Nintendo NFC Reader/Writer Accessory (if you didn't already get one with your game).

How many villagers can you have? 
Over 300 villagers will want you to customize their houses.

Can you fish?/Can you catch bugs?
Unfortunately, no. Fishing and catching was not added to gameplay; but instead, the game offers a much larger amount of customization.

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