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About ArcheAge

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Trion Worlds | Platform: PC
From the studios Trion Worlds, Mail.Ru, Tencent comes the MMORPG that delivers stunning visuals and a truly expansive environment. ArcheAge is big , seriously big , so big that sailing ships to different isles is more than a quick 5 minute cruise. The scale is impressive even for the most seasoned gamer and with cryteks new CryEngine 3 powering the game the environment is a visual feast from rolling waves to lush forests and giant mountains, it’s all beautifully designed.

ArcheAge is a lore filled game based on Min-Hee Jeon’s writings , it’s not your standard D&D based universe but there are many things you will find very familiar , weapons like bows and swords or magic , leveling up your character and using skill trees are in there and easy to use.

As for a plot Archeage has a very loose plot you can follow but it’s not restrictive so for the most part you make your own story from the quests you choose and where you go.
The visual style while somewhat westernized still has its roots in Korean MMORPG’s so if you’re a fan of that artistic style then this game is most definitely for you.

ArcheAge : What We Like The Most

Immersive environment: with cryengine 3 the environments and characters feel and move just how you want , with no invisible walls or long loading screens the world beacons you to explore everything you can see on land air or sea. Characters have exquisite detail put into them making customizing your character a game in itself. The battle scenes are smooth and visually stunning with mythical creatures and monsters really fitting into their environment rather than being randomly spawned into places they wouldn’t be.

You can build an entire empire: While building your own house and ship is reserved for those on premium pay the ability to craft and create your own giant sailing ship and outfit it with the weapons you want gives assassins creed a run for its money. Not only ships but houses and all sorts of contraptions can be built and it doesn’t stop there, with farming and crafting comes the very real ability to live your online life growing gathering crafting and selling from your own house to later send your goods via ship to a distant land to make a profit, there are precious few games that allow that sort of flexibility.

Playing with friends isn’t a chore: In a lot of MMORPG’s playing with friends can be cumbersome or just ruins the look of the game, in ArcheAge other players fit into the environment with ease and do not seem out of place, also how else are you going to man your mighty warship and become a pirate?, needless to say playing with friends adds a lot to the game making it a truly enjoyable experience.

The Basics of ArcheAge

As with most MMORPG’s ArcheAge gives you a choice of races , these each have different skillsets and visual styles, but overall are mostly cosmetic as you can train your character in whatever discipline you like, you start the game with basic skills in bows ,swords and magic and so you choose what to level up as. Each quest you complete will earn you skill points and experience points which will count towards leveling up or being able to unlock more skill tree options. For most of the early game you will be completing the tutorial missions as these run you through all the basics of the game, alongside this you will likely be killing any and all creatures that get anywhere near to you so be prepared to do some grinding if you want to level up.

After the tutorials you are free to do as you please in the game, you can find more quests and develop your fighting skills or learn how to farm, gather or craft, this means that there is no 1 right way which can become confusing at times.

ArcheAge: Core Challenges

With so much happening in this game it’s very important to know where your priorities should be focused.

1. Make Friends
It may seem like an obvious thing but most of the items you will buy or trade will be user created and so the more friends you have the cheaper and more varied choice of items you will get so get chatting and joining in with dungeon raids so that you can get a hefty discount on goods.

2. Don’t Be Grey
 Another seemingly obvious choice is to either be good or bad , in archeAge stealing and breaking the law can quickly lead your character to be “marked” and so anyone can attack you and get a bounty from your death so if you’re going to be a thief put all your effort into being the best thief there can be, stealing a little bit but mostly being good will lead you to being ill equipped to defend yourself once marked and will preclude you from the places you frequent so either pick good or evil and don’t try to get a balance as the game will penalize you for it.

3. Picking Your Specialization
In the early game you will be given the opportunity to try your hand at lots of forms of combat and crafting but as the game progresses it’s important to pick your path and stick to it with your upgrades and skill tree, it may seem beneficial to be a jack of all trades but as you progress you will find this vastly disadvantages you in the game so whether you want to become a farmer or dual wielding warrior pick your path and stick to it to prosper in ArcheAge.

Top User Questions about ArcheAge

How can I level up quickly? 
The short answer is grind, but do remember there are some sneaky ways to get more xp, for example in most quests you can turn in early , while this means you lose out on rewards it also means you can take on quests you would never be able to complete , do some work on them and still get rewards. Also don’t forget crafting, much like the famous skyrim iron dagger grind creating multiple items over and over will increase your level and all without the risk of death.

Why can I not build a house? 
As  you get further in the game labor points will limit how much building you can do, premium users who have paid get vastly more labor points and can build houses quickly , while it is theoretically possible to be a free user and build a house or ship it would take so long that you may already be playing ArcheAge 2 , so unless you’re willing to stump up the money to become premium then focus more on crafting and leveling up to give you the chance to build your own things.

How can I avoid the grind? 
As we mentioned earlier, friends are key to ArcheAge , and if you join a good group or find some generous friends they can equip you with much higher level equipment thus giving you a massive boost in how quickly you can level up and get those much needed skill tree options. So from a very early stage get to know your fellow players and hopefully they will help you get to higher level quicker. 

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