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About Arma 3

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Bohemia Interactive | Platform: PC
The third main entry in this series known for an unforgiving difficulty and realistic bullet trajectories, Arma 3 drops you straight in the deep end and makes you learn how to survive in dangerous military situations on the fly.

Developed by Bohemia Interactive, the PC-only Arma 3 matches the open island landscapes of Far Cry with a more realistic military experience that frequently surpasses the Battlefield series.

Featuring a huge range of weapons and vehicles to master, Arma 3 offers a satisfying level of challenge for first person shooter veterans in a sandbox-style, open world that will have you battling across gorgeous Mediterranean islands on foot or behind the wheel. 

Arma 3: What We Like The Most

Whether engaging in guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines or taking part in large scale battles for critical island locations, Arma 3 delivers challenging FPS game play in single or multiplayer modes.

Rewards careful planning
Running and gunning is a sure fire way to get cut to pieces by enemies in any given Arma 3 mission. Instead, players should carefully use binoculars to survey the battlefield ahead of time, avoid open areas, stay hidden while firing and always attempt to flank the enemy and shoot from afar.

Vehicle Options
With 20 different vehicles, just learning and mastering how to properly handle each one is practically a game of its own as gravity and momentum are very much your enemies. Tanks, helicopters, submersibles and even UAVs for aerial reconnaissance are all at your command, and in a move long desired by fans of the series, trucks now have functioning mirrors for surveying surroundings.

Level editor
If the main campaign and multiplayer games aren't enough to keep you busy, Arma 3 includes built-in modding tools to create your own custom experience. Loads of high quality mods are already available thanks to the devoted fan base, from the zombie infested Breaking Point to the team death match sandbox mayhem that is the Wasteland mod.

The Basics of Arma 3 Play

Opening with a besieged NATO deciding to draw down from a disputed island chain, soon all hell breaks loose as U.S. soldier Ben Kerry finds himself in desperate battles against both the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty and Altian Armed Forces.

Split into the three main chapters “Survive,” “Adapt” and “Win,” making your way through the Arma 3 campaign without being gunned down or blown up requires learning a much advanced control scheme than is found in the typical shooter, while also taking advantage of cover and properly commanding your squad mates.

Arma 3: Core Challenges

In a shooter series legendary for its steep learning curve, there are many obstacles to overcome if you want to simply survive, let alone take the fight to the enemy. Use these Arma 3 strategies to beat the competition in multiplayer or regain control of Altis and Stratis in the campaign mode.

1. Managing inventory
Unlike the typical shooter with no item or resource management beyond counting ammo, Arma 3 features a full inventory screen. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the commands for quickly switching between your standard assault weapon loadout and anti-tank weaponry, as well as how to pick up and use first aid kits on yourself and your team members.  

2. Navigation
Arma 3 doesn't hold your hand and make the enemies nearly as visible as other games. Allies will call out positions of enemies by their direction and distance in meters, meaning you need to have a good sense on your bearings (or know how to quickly pull out that compass and figure out just where you should be aiming). Switch between movement modes depending on the situation at hand: sprinting raises your fatigue, while the tactical pace is less quick but keeps your gun up and ready for action.

3. Commanding squad mates
Taking the time to learn how your squad mates react to commands will completely change how you tackle any given objective. For a tactical advantage, order team members to take cover, flank from different directions, stay behind you while you scout or scan the horizon for new targets. 

Top User Questions About Arma 3

Why am I always missing the enemy? 
If you have been running to avoid fire you are likely suffering from fatigue, which throws off your aim. Your gun's sights also aren't infallible, so be sure to use rangefinder to adjust the sight's distance, and always try to stop moving and either crouch or lay prone to stabilize your aiming reticle. Don't forget to provide a little lead time on moving targets as well, as bullets take time to reach their destination.

What comes with the DLC bundle?  
What started as an April Fool's joke became a reality due to fan demand when the “Karts” DLC offered a go-kart race track and the ability to create your own races. The DLC bundle also includes several extra helicopters and weapons in addition to new scenarios meant to increase your long range combat abilities.

Is Arma 3 ever coming to consoles? 
Unfortunately it looks like the Xbox and Playstation gamers are out of luck there, as Arma 3 is currently a PC exclusive title, with the development team stating in 2014 that no plans for a port were in the works, citing too high a difficulty in translating the controls and interface from mouse and keyboard to a console-based design. 

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