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About Best Fiends

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Seriously Digital Entertainment | Platform: Mobile
Best Fiends is a new entry in the “candy crush” style of games. Like other games in this category, the Best Fiends app for android (and iOS), does not take itself too seriously and offers its users a fun and FREE game. Yes, I said free. There are, of course, in game purchases, but they’re not needed as long as you play smart.

Seriously (yes, that’s really its name) developed the game. They’re a new company but the team is not new to creating addictive gameplay with a not-so-serious story element. The team that brought us Best Fiends consists of former Rovio executives. They’re famous for giving us Angry Birds and they’re hoping for similar success with Best Fiends. Originally released exclusively for iOS, the Best Fiends app is now available on android devices. 

The characters in Best Fiends are, well, bugs. You can have up to a team of five, with each representing a different color or forest icon like a water droplet (blue), leaf (green), flower (yellow), etc. Each of your characters has special abilities that you can use to get ahead. Their powers vary, but you can upgrade them by spending your hard earned gains, or real money as an in-app purchase.

Strategy: The Core Challenges of Best Fiends

At the end of the day, Best Fiends is good fun. It’s very easy to learn and even easier to play. However, there is a lot of strategy involved to advance through the game’s many levels. The following Best Fiends tips will help you out:

1. Be mindful of the level’s goal
The moment you enter a new level you will be told what you need in order to advance to the next area. At the top of the Best Fiends app you will see your tally for that level. You have no time limit so take your time and think it through. You have a limited number of moves to complete the level so don’t make any unnecessary moves.

2. Power up your core bugs quickly
The stronger your bugs, the quicker you can call the slugs. This can aid you drastically in completing later levels but do it smartly. Upgrade one level at a time and allow yourself to build up resources that you need to upgrade. Even if you lose a level you keep all the spoils you gathered so don’t be afraid to take a dive a few times on a few levels in order to collect resources to upgrade

3. Don’t get discouraged
The game appears simple but it really isn’t. Take your time and really examine the changing landscape of the levels and the goals you need to advance. You can do it without ever spending real money – it just might take some time.

What We Like About Best Fiends

Many gamers have praised Best Fiends and for good reason – it’s fun and it’s addictive. There are many games that are similar to Best Fiends so the question is this: what makes it stands out?

Easy to Play but Difficult to Master
Because it is so similar to other games you can buy, it’s very simple to learn. Drag your finger over the same item, power your bug, release and you fire. Simple. The levels increase in difficulty to the point of wanting to rip your hair out but there is always a solution so it challenges you to find it.

Super Team of Bug Heroes
Most of these games, Angry Birds included, give you a set protagonist or series of protagonists. In Best Fiends, you get to assemble your own team of five and grow and evolve them as you advance, with each bug offering something unique. 

Never Hounded to Buy
Most of the games beat you over the head or try to trick you into spending money on in-app purchases. Best Fiends does not do that. You will get offers on certain screens – primarily when you run out of time or game resources – to keep you playing. However, you’ll never get asked during gameplay. No annoying pop-ups to contend with.

Basic Gameplay of Best Fiends

You are a young bug in the world of Minutae. Creatures that are happy and playful reside here going about their lives until something catastrophic happens! A mountain in the neighboring land is hit with a comet. The resulting volcanic ash transforms the peaceful and loving slugs of the neighboring land into monsters. And, when the slugs kidnap the adults of Minutae, it’s up to the younglings to rescue them. You do this by assembling your team and growing your bugs, so they can stand toe to toe with the slugs.

Gameplay is nothing inventive. You drag your finger around the game screen connecting matching icons. This powers up the bug whose icons they are. The more icons you connect, the more powerful the attack will be once the string is released. Your bugs each have a special power which charges every time you complete a string of at least three icons. You will notice that when you touch an icon you will see two things. The first is how far you are until unlocking the power and the second is how much damage each icon does to the slug. You don’t have to deal excess damage if you don’t have to. There’s no need to waste a string of eight when a string of four will kill the slug.

In Best Fiends your goal is simple: rescue your parents. Unfortunately, the goal is a simple concept but difficult in practice. You have no time limit so take as much time as you need in order to decide on a course of action. Use the special gifts sparingly because you most likely will not get more than one per bug, per level because it takes a lot to get the power unlocked. Unlike most games of this nature, the swiping is a little more refined and you can go around corners and through some blockages.

Best Fiends App User Questions

Is Apple Watch compatible? 
Yes! In fact, there are special features for you Apple Watch users. Including different games you can play on the watch, with whatever you win put right into the main game.

How far can I get without in-app purchases? 
You can finish pretty much every game without buying anything and Best Fiends is no different. The developers may hope that you’ll spend more to complete tough levels, but every level can be completed – in time – with a little patience.

Which bombs are the best? 
Your special abilities manifest as “bombs” and each character’s bomb can vary slightly. Some will turn surrounding icons into that character’s icon so you can make large strings. Others will take out columns. The best bombs are the ones that take out full vertical or horizontal columns. 

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