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About Bingo Blitz

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Buffalo Studios | Platform: Mobile
Bingo Blitz is a free to play multiplayer bingo video game that allows you can take on players around the world in a good ol' game of bingo, with some neat twists to it, too.  Those twists include rounding up collectibles from various citiesunlocking new content as you continue on your glorious bingo career, as well as customization like daubers you can use to mark your bingo cards.  There's even the opportunity to play games other than bingo, such as slot machines where you can win big prizes.

Core Challenges of Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz requires you to obviously know the game of bingo. You can select up to four bingo cards, each one costing some amount of Credits.  As the announcer calls out each number, you tap it to mark with a dauber – when you give five in a row, across, or diagonal, you call out bingo to win

Bad call, dude
In Bingo Blitz, you must be absolutely sure you got Bingo on your card before you call it, for if you call Bingo and one or more of your numbers hasn't been drawn yet, you will forfeit the card, also known as a "bad call". There are no take-backs in this bingo video game.  Since these cards cost Credits, it's obviously not a good idea to blow them on bad calls, so if you aren't sure, you should check the number display board on the right first, to see if the correct numbers have been drawn.

Collect the special squares
Even if you don't score any bingos, you can still rake in the rewards in Bingo Blitz.  This is because each of the bingo cards has special squares like "coin squares" and "treasure squares".  If their number's called and you daub them, you will get coins or a treasure chest you can open later for rewards, so make sure to be paying attention when the announcer calls out the next square, you don't want to miss any rewards this way.

Top of the Heap
Each day of Bingo Blitz marks a daily bingo tournament.  The top winners of those tournaments will win big rewards, including jewels they can place onto crowns.  However, only the best bingo battlers will take the top in these tournaments, so be forewarned!

What We Like Most About Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz can be a daily ritual for bingo fans looking for some bingo action on their devices.  Even if you don't play bingo, you can find yourself getting into the fun communities they have, and other features such as the following.

Bingo Treasure
It's not just ordinary bingo; your bingo cards have special squares on them you can mark for bonuses (assuming the announcer has called that square).  These are great in that you can feel like you're still winning something even as you're getting trounced in bingo (let's face it, it happens).

Bingo Powerups
There are a fun variety of Bingo Blitz power-ups you can use in this game. As you daub squares that have been powered up, your power meter will fill up.  When your power meter is filled, you can use a power-up that you have stored in your inventory, such as adding a gold "coin square" to each of your cards in play, or even turning squares into an "instant win" square that if you daub, becomes an automatic bingo!

Bingo Loot
For a bingo game, there sure are a lot of things to unlock here.  You can unlock different cities with different player communities inside them.  Shadow cards, or cards marked with a unique silhouette, can be found, and getting bingo on these cards will get you special treasure items.  Filling out your treasure collections for each city get you more rewards. Then there are special slot machine mini-games you can unlock that have mini-games within them with even more stuff to win. Whew! 

The Story and Gameplay of Bingo Blitz

Well.  It's bingo.  But it's bingo with power-ups, cities, treasures, slot machines, and some cute mascot characters to look at.  Something that adorable doesn't need a plot, does it?

Frequently Asked Questions About Bingo Blitz

I got lots of bingos in the daily tournament but still placed low?  
Your rank in the Bingo Blitz tournaments is not just based on bingos, it's actually the coins you are earning throughout the entire round (which will include bingos).  And that's only coins won during the round; coins gotten from treasure chests afterward do not count.  This makes any power-up that maximizes your in-round coin haul like Double Winnings and Coin Square very useful!

How do I unlock the slot machines? 
You will level up as you play the game, and once you hit a certain level, you'll unlock access to the first slot machine mini-game.  The more you play in each slot machine room, the more rooms you will unlock. You will need to use coins for each spin of the reels, though. 

There's a secret Bingo Blitz mini-game in the slot machine rooms? 
Yep!  The reels have "Scatter" symbols on them, and if you spin three Scatter symbols, you will not only win a Scatter card collection item for that room, but also get access to a whole new mini-game.  In this mini-game you must memory match as many prizes as you can while avoiding the red x's.  You can get loads of coins if you do well at it, and if you match them all, you get a grand prize!  

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