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About Boom Beach

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Supercell | Platform: Mobile
Boom Beach, developed by Supercell, is a free-to-play strategy game for iOS and Android devices. If you’re looking for an interesting mobile strategy game that you can cause mayhem in, then Boom Beach is definitely the game for you. There are a lot of things to do and places to explore, so grab your helmet and your rifle and let’s charge into the chaos of Boom Beach.

Boom Beach: Core Challenges

Building Your Boom Beach Army
One of the core challenges in Boom Beach is building an army to challenge BlackguardIn order to build up your Boom Beach army, you’ll need to gain experience and upgrades, while also keeping in mind the different classes of soldiers you’ll need to build up your since it’s crucial that you choose your soldiers carefully.

Challenging Blackguard
Another core challenge would have to be challenging Blackguard. In the story, they’ve set up various headquarters all over the islands you're tasked with liberating. And, completing this isn’t an easy task, as you'll constantly be battling to keep Blackguard from retaking the islands you’ve freed. 

Boom Beach Special Events
Aside from building your army and challenging Blackguard, there are also the special events. These events can become quite challenging, since as you gain victories the special events’ level of difficulty constantly increases. However, if you can defeat the special events, then you can certainly call yourself an elite commander!

Boom Beach: What We Liked Most

Classes of Soldiers
With every type of military strategy game, you're going to need different soldiers to perform various tasks.  As stated in the core challenges, there are different classes of soldiers you can use.  You’ve got basic rifleman, machine gun totting Heavies and more to choose from. When played correctly, these different classes will definitely prove their worth on the battlefield.

Setting up your Boom Beach base
This is one of the crowning jewels of Boom Beach. Like any strategy game, you'll need a base of operations. Whether you’re battling Blackguard or other players, having a base to strike at your opponents is essential. Plus, the layout of your base can also determine how well your base is defended from local players.

Boom Beach: Gameplay & Story

While it has a simple storyline, which is to defeat the organization known as Blackguard, Boom Beach's gameplay hardly has any flaws. You gather resources, build up your base and take the fight to Blackguard and any mercenaries they've hired (a.k.a. other players you come across).  Another part of the gameplay is securing resources for your base, which you can seize from enemy bases you come across.

Top User Questions About Boom Beach

How can I unlock a new class in Boom Beach?
In Boom Beach, you need to upgrade your headquarters in order to unlock different classes of soldiers.  For example, you’ll need to have your headquarters up to level 3 to unlock the machine gun wielding soldiers. However, upgrading your headquarters takes time so you have to be really patient when unlocking the different soldier classes. 

How do I level up in Boom Beach?
You can level up by upgrading the structures of your base. The key to upgrading is to have plenty of resources, which you gain by harvesting or through conquests against Blackguard or other players. The higher you gain levels, the longer it will take to level up. 

Anything else that I need to know before l go out there gung-ho?
Level up everything on your base: storage for your resources, buildings, troops and vehicles. Every bit of strength you can muster is vital especially when assaulting bases against Blackguard — and other players if you feel brave enough to challenge them.  Another important tip to remember in Boom Beach is that it’s important to think strategically when going up against Blackguard and other players.  Unless you plan to try and use overwhelming numbers, strategy is your best friend.  And, one last thing to remember is that when battling against player-held islands you shouldn’t always expect an easy win. 

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