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About Brave Frontier

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Gumi, Inc. | Platform: Mobile
Developed by A-Lim, Brave Frontier is an anime style J-RPG game published by both A-Lim and Gumi. The Brave Frontier game is for mobile devices and requires a constant Internet connection in order to play. It's similar to Dragon Quest with elements such as fusion and enemies resembling blobs. The game is about fighting, but there is no blood and gore, so it is suitable for most ages. Brave Frontier is available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phones.

Core Challenges of Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier has a lot of elements to it, but here are the three main challenges and tips on how to deal with them.

In order to make potions and antidotes in Brave Frontier you need the correct resources. To get these, you can either battle monsters or harvest them in the town. Harvesting is very slow since it takes about three hours for your harvest to grow. In order to maximize your harvest, upgrade your resources just after you've harvested. You'll be able to harvest from them again straight after you upgrade. Focus on the river and the tree at the start; they have the main ingredients for most products in the Brave Frontier game.

Leveling Up Characters
In Brave Frontier characters can only be leveled up through fusion not by fighting. If you get Spirits or Idols these are particularly high in EXP. When you are selecting characters to fuse you can see in the corner how much it will cost and how much EXP they will gain. Choose your highest experience since the process gets more expensive the more you do it.

The Brave Frontier Arena is a place where you can compete against other player’s teams. You have no control over your team and they fight freely, you also can't use items. Try and attack players at a higher levels and ranks than you since if you lose you won't go down by as many points. If they have one of the original starters as their picture then it'll probably be an easy kill.

What We Like About Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a free to download, high-quality video game, but here are three things in particular you’ll love and makes Brave Frontier worth downloading:

Like most Free-to-Play games there is a hard currency, but, unlike other games, the Brave Frontier game doesn't push you to buy it. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase the hard currency, which can be earned very easily by progressing the storyline. 

Battle System
A-Lim and Gumi’s Brave Frontier has a turn-based battle system, one side goes, then the other and you can choose the order your players attack in. What's to love is that your characters can attack at the same time to create a ‘Spark’ that allows for extra damage. On top of that, the special attacks in this game are insane and you can’t help but love them. 

This feature is entirely free and very useful for when you are grinding dungeons in Brave Frontier. It isn't as intelligent as playing the game yourself, since it will just keep your characters fighting. The one drawback is that it stops if your screen times out. However, it's still very good since it doesn't use your Brave Frontier items for you or anything like that.

Story And Gameplay Of Brave Frontier

In Brave Frontier, you are a summoner charged with saving the world from the return of man hating gods. With the help of your guide and her boss Lucius, you'll learn to become a top class summoner. The game consists of progressing through areas and clearing dungeons. To fight you simply select a character, no need to pick moves unless you are doing a brave burst. You upgrade your town and characters as you go along. 

Brave Frontier Frequently Ask Questions

How Do I Capture Special Event Units? 
In order to capture a special event unit in Brave Frontier you must defeat it in battle. You will probably need to do this multiple times — the higher the difficulty is to defeat the unit the better your chance is to capture it.

What Do I Need To Evolve Units in Brave Frontier? 
You'll need to get your character to a certain level as well collect particular monsters to be used up in the evolution. Click evolve unit and select a character to view what monsters they'll need. If there are question marks then you haven't encountered the monster yet.

How Do I Gain Stamina? 
In Brave Frontier, stamina comes back over time, but you can refill it quickly by leveling up or spending a gem. This will also refill your Arena Orbs, too.

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