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About Bubble Mania

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: TeamLava | Platform: Mobile
Bubble Mania is a highly addictive bubble popping game from Storm8 with over 600 levels to complete. The game does contain in-app purchases, but you wouldn't really feel pushed to use them till around level 70. The only real fault with the game is that each energy unit takes 1 whole hour to reappear. Bubble Mania available on Android and iOS.

Core Challenges of Bubble Mania

The game is very straightforward. Simply aim, fire, rinse and repeat. Here are the three main challenges of the game:

Releasing The Babies
In each Bubble Mania level you have to rescue your trapped squirrel-cat babies from bubbles. You can do this by throwing a matching color bubble at them or making a match above them (thus dislodging them). When you have all the babies down the level will end. If you fail to get them down you lose. The best way is to simply make a hole to the top and get rid of that layer. Everything beneath will fall down if you do.

Progressing Across Map
In order to unlock new levels the player must collect stars. You can get three stars per level you complete. You are awarded stars based on your performance in each level. You can replay levels early on in the game if you get stuck. Remember you can get power-ups that help you get higher scores.

The main Bubble Mania challenge is of course aiming the right colored bubble at the appropriate target. You can bounce bubbles off the sides of the level in order to hit those hard to reach places. Some special bubbles blow up whole rows, but you should be careful how you use them. Some bubbles are metal and cannot be destroyed; you need to dislodge those from above. Remember, you only have a number of bubbles to throw.

What We Like About Bubble Mania

Bubble Mania is one of the best bubble popping game on a mobile device and here's why:

Customizable Controls
In Bubble Mania, you can switch between two different sets of controls to find the one you are best comfortable with. This is useful if you have a younger child playing the game with a preference to pressing the screen rather than being able to read instructions. I haven't seen this in any other bubble popping game so I was quite impressed.

Bubble Mechanics
There are a few extra mechanics in this game to add a little more complexity. For example, there are bubbles that allow you to look all the way up to the end to help plan your moves better. There are also bubbles that take away three of your moves if you hit them. The extra components definitely make the game a lot more challenging and deserve some praise.

Cute Story
Usually this type of game does not require a narrative; it is simply point and shoot. However, this one is all about the creature rescuing her babies. 

Story and Gameplay of Bubble Mania

You play the part of a mama Squirrel/cat whose babies have been trapped inside bubbles. You have to rescue all of them over the course of the game. You throw bubbles up at bubbles of the same color in order to pop them and release your babies. In Bubble Mania, you can bounce bubbles off the sides of the level but not the top. There’s also a premium currency of purple rocks and a regular currency of coins. Both currencies are used to buy power-ups, but some power-ups can only be purchased with one or the other.

FAQ of Bubble Mania

How do I back up my Bubble Mania save data when changing phones? 
Make an account with Storm8 and all your game data will be saved to their cloud. Log into that account when you reinstall your game on your new phone and you'll download the saved data.

How do I change Bubble Mania controls? 
Go to settings when you are on the game map and you will see an option to change between game controls.

How do I unlock new Bubble Mania levels? 
You have to collect enough stars in previous levels. This will probably require replaying levels that you didn't get full marks in.

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