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About Bubble Witch 2 Saga

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: | Platform: Mobile
When it comes to the gaming studio King, many people can think of at least one their “Saga” game that they have played. Usually this game involves candy or soda; however, sometimes it involves witches and bubbles and all kinds of other fun. Bubble Witch Saga 2 is developed and published by King, and can be found on iOS and Android devices as well as online through Facebook. With Bubble Witch Saga 2’s simple storyline and easy gameplay as a bubble shooter, there is a way for everyone to enjoy the game.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga: Core Challenges

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a fairly simple game. As a bubble shooter, all you really have to do is shoot your bubbles into other bubbles and beat levels. However, even with the simplest games, there is usually an element of strategy involved.

In order to succeed at levels in this game, you need to be able to aim your shots. The Bubble Witch Saga 2 game provides you with the necessary tools to do so as it will show you where your shots will end up. With assistance like that, aiming really comes down to aiming for the best shot and aiming high with your shots. Keeping both of these goals in mind will allow you to pop the most bubbles as possible in one shot.

While knocking down bubbles can be easy, there are plenty of trouble bubbles that you need to avoid. Failing to do so will lead to wasted bubbles and lower scores on each level. There are six different types of trouble bubbles in Bubble Witch Saga 2 that you need to look out for and each one has its own method of causing trouble. There are black holes, cloud bubbles, black bubbles, bat bubbles, ice bubbles and gear bubbles. Most of these bubbles can be eliminated, but until they vanish they will hassle you and your attempts to complete a level.

Many games now have in-app purchases and as a result, they generally try to show off the coolest items as a limited freebie. That means that once you use it up, you will have to dish out the actual cash to keep enjoying the perk that the freebie gives. One Bubble Witch 2 strategy you should keep in mind is to save the freebies you are given and hold onto them until you really need them.

What We Like About Bubble Witch 2 Saga

With a game like Bubble Witch Saga 2, there are plenty of things to enjoy, as the game is well designed and quite cute. These are the three things that stood out more than others to us:

The Characters
Bubble Witch Saga 2 keeps the amount of characters you have to learn simple by only providing the game with four main characters. One of them is the main good character and her two minions while the other is the main bad character. All the characters are designed to look very cute and fit into the witch world of the game very easily.

Along with the number of trouble bubbles that the game features, it also includes a handful of power-ups that you can use during the game. These power-ups include a fireball bubble, a rainbow bubble and a lava bubble bomb. All of these can be useful in clearing away lots of bubbles that stand in your way and are some of the more clever power-ups found in a bubble shooter game.

The levels in Bubble Witch Saga 2 have a few different styles. In some of the levels, you are tasked with freeing a ghost or rescuing animals. Other levels involve boss fights with Morgana, the evil witch. The variety of level types that you are capable of playing keeps the game fresh and fun without venturing too far from the original aspect of a bubble shooting game.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga: Story and Gameplay

While the gameplay of Bubble Witch Saga 2 is pretty simple, the story is actually pretty interesting. It revolves around Stella, the main character, and her two cats, Nero and Violet. They are travelling the Witch Country to fend off evil spirits and rescue the land. Outside of these three, the Bubble Witch Saga 2 game features one main villain, the evil witch Morgana. She is your main enemy throughout the game and will come after you time and time again to try and impede your progress. With your bubbles and your powers, you have all the tools you need to vanquish her and save Witch Country.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga: Frequently Asked Questions

While there are a number of people that hate spiders with a burning passion in real life, they are actually pretty useful in Bubble Witch Saga 2. The spiders appear as you continue to have successful shots, and will stay as long as you pop a set of bubbles with every shot. They hang out near the bottom of the screen and are a great way to increase your score. As each bubble hits the spider, it can improve your score again and again and can help you to reach three stars on each level.

Is There Any Way to Get Rid of the Black Hole?
After you have played through the first handful of levels in the game and have been introduced to most of the power-ups, you are introduced to the trouble bubbles. The first of these and probably the most annoying is the black hole. These bubbles sit throughout the level with the sole purpose of absorbing any of your shots that come its way. In order to destroy these, you need to fire three shots into it. In some cases, doing this can be a good strategy to winning and other times not. It depends on the level and how you play.

How Do I Defeat Morgana?
Throughout the Bubble Witch Saga 2 game, you will be tasked with defeating Morgana as she tries to interfere with your journey. When this happens, you need to focus on her and not the bubbles on the level. As she floats through the level, the shields herself and makes it impossible to hurt her. In order to beat her, you need to break her shields a few times. You do this by hitting her shield with the same color bubble as the shield. Doing this causes the shield to shatter and Morgana to flee.

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