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About CSR Racing

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Genre: Sports | Publisher: NaturalMotion | Platform: Mobile
Developed by Boss Alien and published by NaturalMotion Games, CSR Racing is a free-to-play drag-racing game. In a world with a lot of different racing games, CSR Racing does a good job of making itself unique enough to stand out. Due to the style of gameplay, it is possible for everyone to enjoy this game. This works since the CSR Racing game can be found on iOS, Android.

CSR Racing: Core Challenges

While the game is simple enough for people to enjoy, there are some challenges that come with the game; however, with timing and precision, you can work around them to be the fastest around.

Driving Fast
As a drag racing game, it is crucial to go faster than your opponent. There are two main CSR Racing strategies to improve your speed as you race. The first is to switch gears properly. Doing this keeps your speed up and allows you to go faster little by little. The second way is to invest in nitro, which can be used to speed your car up as you go and can give you a boost to start or help you cross the finish line first.

When it comes to racing games like CSR Racing, upgrading your car is a must. You can improve every aspect of your car in your garage. Doing this is crucial to making your CSR Racing car faster. The challenge that comes with upgrading your car is that you have a number of different aspects to upgrade and not much guidance on which part to upgrade first. The order to upgrade will come down to what you desire most out of the four available attributes.

Handling The Tiers
The CSR Racing story mode revolves around your drag races against five different gangs. These races are handled in tiers and with five races in each tier. These races will be much tougher than other races in each tier and will involve using your fastest car and all your skills. Only by pushing yourself and your car to the limit will you be able to win at the different tier races.

What We Like About CSR Racing

When it comes to a game like CSR Racing, there is plenty to enjoy. Out of all the different aspects of the game, here are three of the things that stood out most:

When it comes to a racing game, one of the things that you can expect to be awesome are the cars. That holds true in CSR Racing as you are able to purchase and race with a wide variety of cars. The game features over twenty-five different car manufactures that you are able to purchase from the car dealer. More than that, the cars are up to date with some of the newest cars out available in the game to race with.

Like with many mobile games these days, CSR Racing features a multiplayer mode that allows you to test your racing skills against other racers around the world for prizes and merit. Furthermore, it is a great way to earn coins in the game to further improve your cars for more races.

While the CSR Racing game sticks to the same formula for each and every race, it gives players the ability to do a number of different races with different setups. By doing this, you are able to experience the same thing over and over again without getting bored. 

CSR Racing: Story and Gameplay

When it comes to CSR Racing, the story follows you as you compete in a number of different drag races as you attempt to make a name for your character in this city. Five different racing crews rule the city that you will need to overthrow in order to become the best. In order to defeat each of the crews in CSR Racing, you will need to win a number of races against the crew members and their boss. By winning these races, you earn gold as well as a reputation as one of the fastest racers around.

CSR Racing: Game-Related FAQ

How Do I Earn More CSR Racing Gold?
In order to purchase new cars and upgrade the cars you currently have, you need gold. You earn this gold by competing in the different races that pop up in the city. Depending on the race and the difficulty, the amount of gold you earn will increase. More than that, you can also earn funds by competing in multiplayer with others playing CSR Racing.

Why Can’t I Win This Race?
Before you enter a race, you can normally see an indication of your chances against your opponent. The higher the indicator, the less chance you have of winning. Sometimes, if you race perfectly, you can still win, but usually that is not the case. If that happens, you need to upgrade your car or purchase a faster car so that you can gain the advantage in speed and win.

In CSR Racing Is There a Limit to the Number of Cars I Can Have?
As far as the garage for your character shows, there isn’t a limit to the number of cars you can own; however, as far as the game shows, you should be able to hold over 100 cars. This means you will need to play for a while before you manage to fill the garage.

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