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About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Activision | Platform: Console
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter that sets its series' trademark militaristic shooting mechanics against a futuristic backdrop. 

Developed by Sledgehammer Games, this installment in the long-running Call of Duty franchise takes players from the tried and true fields of modern day warfare and drops them on a battlefield in the near future, equipping them with high-tech gadgetry and guns designed to change everything players have come to expect from the genre. The Exoskeleton, a powerful frame of armor, acts as the game's central mechanic. Similarly to the gunplay of Titanfall, the Exoskeleton mechanics enable players to turn the game's levels into gravity-defying, high-octane playgrounds for arcade shooting chaos.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: What We Like The Most

Reflex-oriented Play: For all the fast-paced gunplay that usually accompanies a Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare brings even more speed to the table. The Exoskeletons enable the player to dash around the battlefield faster than ever before.

Lots of Customization: From decking out your soldier in a variety of cosmetic armor options to crafting the optimal weapon load-out, there are millions of combinations for players to choose from in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. "Pick 13", a system put in place to limit how many things you can equip your player with, is an especially wise addition on the developer's part, balancing the game so that no one's load-out is overpowered.

Map Design: The game's campaign and multiplayer both feature maps perfectly suited to the Exoskeleton's highly maneuverable capabilities, giving the player ample room to dart about as they see fit. Spaces are smartly designed, forcing interesting strategic usage of the player's mobility to overcome the waves of enemies the game doles out.

The Basics of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Play

Advanced Warfare pits players in the middle of a global conflict, centered on Atlas, a private military corporation, and their political conquest of the planet, one country at a time. The player takes on the role of Jack Mitchell, a Marine who must decide for himself if this corporation is an ally or enemy, a decision that will alter the fate of the world. 

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Jack Mitchell's journey brings the player all around the globe as they pilot vehicles, shoot plenty of guns, and utilize futuristic gadgetry to achieve a variety of objectives.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Core Challenges

While the key pillar of being successful in Advanced Warfare is almost solely reliant on a player's reflexive capabilities, there are a few important tips to keep in mind to help even the odds against even the fastest opponents.

1. Fully equip your load-out: You have thirteen points to spend on filling your personally customized load-out to the brim, so use every single one. Add scopes and suppressors to weapons to gain a tactical edge, or double up on grenade capacity. And if there's still a spare point or two lying around, add a killstreak to the load-out to make those satisfying strings of uninterrupted kills even sweeter. 

2. Focus on one play style: For every class of gun, there are dozens of varieties of each in Advanced Warfare. This means that if you have an inclination to shotguns, stick with the less appealing ones until you get one that fits your style. Don't hop from personal defense rifles to Mini-guns then back to shotguns, as you'll never experience the best each class has to offer.

3. Utilize your Exoskeleton: This unique mechanic means that opponents will be able to bounce all over the map faster than ever before. So don't plan on walking, or even running. Plan on using your Exoskeleton's rocket-jump and rocket-boost capabilities constantly, in order to have the edge on tricky enemies. The boost is especially useful, as it can propel you in any direction, so don't be afraid to implement some crafty diagonal maneuvers to really throw off the opposition.

Top User Questions

Should I skip right to the multiplayer? 
No. The campaign in Advanced Warfare is excellent, especially compared to other installments in the series, meaning it definitely warrants a solid play-through before diving into online multiplayer, if just for the great story and characters. Not to mention, it provides a good foundation for getting accustomed to the game's mechanics. 

Do Exoskeletons radically change Call of Duty's fundamental rhythm? 
Yes and no. While a lot of the traditional aspects are still present such as an emphasis on jogging around the map looking for targets to shoot at, when firefights occur the Exoskeletons change the intensity of altercations in a big way, forcing you to be far more on your toes than in previous entries in the series.

Is Exo-Survival mode playable solo? 
Technically, yes, but difficulty-wise, no. The onslaught of enemies the game tosses at you makes having at least two friends along for the ride a necessity if you want to make any real progress.

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