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About Call of Duty: Strike Team

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Activision | Platform: Mobile
Call of Duty: Strike Team is developed by The Blast Furnace and published by EA Games.  Originally released September 5, 2013, this was the mobile addition to the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise.  

Call of Duty Strike Team Gameplay Basics
In this game you must control a squad of teammates, leading them through a massive global conspiracy that will require your best skills in keeping them alive. You’ll experience missions that include straight up assaults, wet work, and infiltrations that’ll require you to use everything from stealth tactics to even controlling drones.

Core Challenges of Call of Duty: Strike Team

Along with the challenge of intense first person firefights and objective-based missions, players will also have a few curveballs to contend with that may throw off even veteran Call of Duty players — including the tablet controls that are possibly a new experience for PC and console veterans.

Squad's All Here
You have a crew full of operatives that will need to be managed on the fly.  Occasionally, you are going to have them coordinate together to get past obstacles and scenarios, such as hoisting each other over walls, or having one distract the enemy with a gun turret while another teammate hits the enemy from behind. Players will need to manage this while keeping an eye on their health and watching their backs from enemy shooters; it's not just point-and-shoot in this game.

Drone's Eye-View
At any time you can switch to the viewpoint of a drone above your squad.  You'll need to get really good at controlling it to keep an eye on your squad mates, so you can send them in the right direction and towards the right objectives, while making sure they aren't getting flanked or sniped at the same time.  
Domination Nation
Even if you have the skills to take the Campaign down, you'll still have more merry modes to deal with, such as Survival, which pits you against wave after wave of ever-increasing carnage, and Domination, which requires you to hold your ground against a massive horde of incoming enemies, preventing them from capturing strategic points you are holding.

What We Like Most About Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team has a bunch of interesting features that make it pretty unique amongst all of the Call of Duty games out there. Other than the uniqueness of using tablet controls to play a Call of Duty game, there's some more interesting perks.

Controlling your squad and utilizing them in ways that can humiliate the bad guys can be pretty entertaining, such as using one teammate to lure an enemy over into getting whacked by another teammate, or luring the hapless enemy into crossfires.

Droning On
The controls for the drone are pretty great, for touch controls.  With a simple gesture or two of your fingers, you can have your drone bank around, zoom, pan out, and reorient to change your view angle.  Plus, you can easily control your forces in drone-view by simply tapping on enemies to order your team to kill them, or use your finger to drag out a path for your teammates to follow.

Guns Galore
There are loads of unlocks you can shoot for.  Perks for one, which can be used to upgrade your squad in cool ways, such as increased grenade radius or faster healing.  But the best are the unlockable guns you can score as you progress, everything from shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, even assault shields

The Story of Call of Duty: Strike Team

It's 2020, and the world is getting close to a global conflict from an unknown enemy.  Nations are about to tear each other apart over false flag operations created by the social movement known as Cordis Die, lead by the mysterious "Odysseus", the self-proclaimed "Messiah of the 99%", who’s determined to topple the global order at any cost. The plot is a continuation of the Black Ops saga, so fans of that series can expect to see a few familiar faces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Call of Duty: Strike Team

Any general tips for dealing with enemies? 
In the first-person view, to shoot you'll want to use the arrow icons on the side of the screen to auto-aim; this is key to having a squad mate quickly react to getting shot at.  Also, enemies like to run to alarms if they see something that spooks them (like a dead body), so keep that in mind and try using it to your advantage (just make sure that alarm is disabled, so the enemy can't use it).

Any tips for leveling up quickly? 
XP bonuses are great for leveling up fast; learn which views give you good bonuses and when.  In first-person view, you can get multi-kill bonuses by using the arrow icons to quickly kill off multiple baddies, while in drone-view, you can get bonuses for stealth kills and ordering your troops to shoot enemies while out of cover.

What are Tokens and how do I earn them? 
Tokens are special currency in the game that can be used to unlock content, including getting valuable perks long before you can unlock them normally such as Medic and Hardline.  You can get Tokens by participating in daily challenges, and if you invite your friends to these same challenges and defeat them you'll get even more Tokens.

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