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About Candy Blast Mania

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: TeamLava | Platform: Mobile
Developed by TeamLava, Candy Blast Mania is a free-to-play  “match-3” puzzle game that’s heavy on the sweet side. It’s an appropriate title for gamers of all ages, fans of match-3 titles, cutesy titles, and grab-and-go gamers. And, if the sugary minions of the Gummy Bear King are eroding away your teeth, then we’ve got handfuls of Candy Blast Mania tips and tricks to accompany your combos, ranging from Candy Blast Mania passing levels tips to Candy Blast Mania extra gems help

The Basics of Playing Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania sees you matching candies, taking part in deliciously evil boss battles, and satisfying that never-ending sweet tooth of yours. It’s your basic match-3 title that doesn’t shoot for the moon, other than a pleasant candy veneer that’s put on top of everything. The title’s biggest deviation from the norm is in the form of the King Gummy Bear boss fights (which help prop up a story here), but this is still pretty standard match-3 gaming with a heavy freemium mentality to it.

Candy Blast Mania Strategy: Core Challenges

Candy Blast Mania is a surprisingly addictive gaming experience that will manage to literally have you engaged across hundreds of levels. Even if you’re a seasoned master at matching games, don’t expect yourself to immediately cut through Candy Blast Mania’s gooey core. There’s plenty to stay on top of here if you want to be the champ, and so here are some pro Candy Blast Mania tips to guarantee that your sugar rush will never die.

1. Practice makes perfect
Candy Blast Mania is ruthless, and it has hundreds of levels at its disposal to knock you down with. Don’t get discouraged by early defeat and realize that repeated attempts are merely par for the course. 

2. Coming to terms with the in-game purchases
Candy Blast Mania is free-to-play, but there are copious in-game purchases for things like boosts or gems to help you complete the more difficult levels. This can be fairly unforgiving especially later on, so being aware of it early on will help set realistic expectations 

3. Mix up your strategy
Maybe you want to focus on a specific region. Maybe singling out specific colors or combos of a certain size is how you blast your candy. There’s no right way to this sugary madness, so staying versatile and giving everything a go is a great way to improve. 

Candy Blast Mania: What We Like The Most

Candy Blast Mania may not be pushing the envelope when it comes to free-to-play puzzle titles, but it’s undeniably fun and an experience that you’ll have a hard time putting down. The game’s rapid match-3 gameplay is a delight, but the title also excels due to some other crucial defining features that help separate it from the crowd.

Hundreds of Levels
Candy Blast Mania might lose points in the originality department, but it more than makes up for it with the onslaught of levels it throws at you. You might just overdose on how much there is, with updates and additions happening on the regular. 

Boss Battles
While they might happen a little too frequently, the fights with Gummy Bear King are a nice break in the gameplay, while applying a different sort of challenge on you. You’ll build up a personal grudge against the gooey guy like you wouldn’t believe.  

Facebook Incorporation
Candy Blast Mania will reward you in gems if you log onto Facebook, as well as letting you take part in leaderboards and see how all of your friends are doing. This sort of integration goes a long ways and keeps competition alive in an already manic game.

Top User Questions About Candy Blast Mania

How do I beat X level? 
There are many ways to conquer a level, but many require an intense focus on which colors you move early on. Sometimes paying attention to or neglecting a certain color from the jump can cost you the level.

How does the Candy Blast Mania boost system work? 
If you’re not willing to pay, the only way your boosts will recharge is by waiting. The Candy Wand takes 6 hours, the Super Sweet Boost 12 hours, and Sugar Blast takes a frustrating 24 hours.

What’s the best way to stun the Gummy Bear King? 
Well, beyond buying the Bear King Stunner, the best method is to get the bonus numbers on the candies that you need for that particular level. If you manage to knock the Bear King down 10% or higher in one move, he'll be stunned!

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