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About Candy Crush Saga

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: | Platform: Mobile
Since the game's creation in 2012, Candy Crush Saga has become one of the most popular video games in existence. Released by King, its simple, yet challenging, format is based on aligning similar pieces of candy to form a row or column of three or more of a kind. Candy Crush Saga is free to play, updated version of Candy Crush available on mobile and PC. Gamers can save their progress by simply registering via email or Facebook.

Candy Crush Saga Strategy: Core Challenges

Completing a level in Candy Crush Saga can be extremely easy, but more thought is required in order to obtain a high score.

Early levels are designed to introduce players to the game, while later levels force gamers to plan ahead to produce striped candies and color bombs in order to complete. By aligning four or more similar pieces of candy in a row or column, players obtain special boosters that remove more pieces in play.

This correspondingly results in more points. The more reactive a combination becomes, the more points a player receives. The challenge is to line-up four or more similar candies to achieve a higher score. This can be done by spotting opportunities that are currently available and thinking ahead one or more moves before making a selection.

Candy Crush Saga: What We Like About This Game

The match three similar symbols format of Candy Crush Saga has been in existence for some time, yet it is the way the game is presented to casual and serious gamers alike that makes it a huge it.

Simple but Challenging
In order for this type of game to be successful, it must present a very simple concept to casual gamers while being complex enough to offer depth to those who progress. Candy Crush Saga does both very effectively.

Level Progression
Candy Crush Saga levels become more difficult to clear as a player progresses. The sense of achievement a gamer feels after completing a challenging area can be rewarding while also granting an opportunity to compete for one of the high scores. Depending on how many points you score, a total of one, two or three stars are awarded. As you progress, obtaining three stars becomes increasingly difficult.

Sometimes, the more simple a game is at its core, the more addictive its gameplay can be, provided it offers enough depth. Even if one is not familiar with most video games, he or she may spend hours attempting to progress in Candy Crush Saga.

The game's graphics are catchy, its framerate is adequate, and even a casual player can feel a great sense of accomplishment after retrying a specific levels several times and finally clearing it. At higher levels, the effect of a booster can be quite impressive, often clearing more than half the board and awarding a ton of points in the process.

Candy Crush Saga: Story/Gameplay

There is no specific storyline to Candy Crush Saga, as it relies solely on its gameplay to keep gamers entertained for hours on end. Individual challenges are not timed, making this game especially enticing to on-the-go players who may need to leave the game at some point and pick it back up at another time without losing progress.

Top User Questions About Candy Crush Saga

How can I clear boards more quickly? 
The key to clearing Candy Crush Saga levels quickly is to accumulate as many super candies and super candy combos as possible. Aligning four or more of one candy to create special candies can initially do this. Memorize the effects of special candies to place them strategically in later levels.

How can I get a high score? 
Getting a high score globally can require a lot of luck, but if you're only comparing to your Facebook friends then the key to success lies within clearing a level in as few moves as possible for extra bonus points.

How do I clear a certain level? 
If you're stuck on a Candy Crush Saga level, try aligning candies that are positioned toward the bottom. Removing these candies offers more opportunity to clear other spaces on the screen as candies drop from below.

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