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About Cities: Skylines

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Genre: Simulation | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | Platform: PC
Cities: Skylines is a city-builder simulation game developed by Finnish game developer Colossal Order. It is available for Linux, Windows, and OS X through the Steam service.

Players of all sorts who enjoy simulation games, or players who are looking for a game focused more on management of resources and application of thought rather than action, will certainly enjoy this game.

Cities: Skylines Basics

In Cities: Skylines you take control of a small area off of a freeway exit to build a city. Through clever allocation and management of resources, players will entice people into coming and living in their city, build places for them to work and play, and control the future of their city by passing and enacting laws.

The end goal of the game is to build a bigger and better city, creating a bustling economic paradise, while still keeping your citizens safe, secure, and happy. An in-game system, based on Twitter, allows you to directly gauge the well-being of your citizens and receive input from them.

Core Challenges of Cities: Skylines

It can be intimidating to build a city from scratch. But with our Cities: Skylines tips and strategies, your creation will soon be on its way to becoming a bustling, thriving metropolis.

Chief among your concerns is keeping your residents happy. Especially early on, the easiest way to do this is by zoning. There are three main types of zoning: residential, commercial, and industrial. Industrial creates noise and light pollution that will upset your citizens if it spills over into their living spaces. It’s best to keep each area separate and not overlap zones if you want your citizens happy.

No matter what, your city will always need power. Early on, you’re going to have to figure out how to power your city. Wind? Water? It’s best to decide early and set everything up to provide citizens and businesses with power. As your city grows, be sure and expand your power complex to ensure everyone has what they need.

Cities: Skylines Tip 3 – Don’t Ignore Problems
Like in other city builders, small problems can stack up quickly. Don’t let them overwhelm you! If you have the means to take care of a problem when it first shows up, do so. Otherwise it could really bite you later. Besides your citizen input, the info bar on the bottom of the screen will often let you know if there’s something you should be worried about.

What We Love About Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines has been acclaimed as one of the best city simulation games in years, and there’s lots of good things about it. Here are just some of the great things we love about this game.

The Scope
Building an enormous city is the order of the day for many city-builders, but Cities: Skylines really goes all-out to make it feel like your creation is really as big and impressive as they say. With tremendous buildings and a huge number of human characters walking the streets even at lower population numbers, this game excels at making you feel like you’ve made something grand.

The Modding
Like many games in Steam, Cities: Skylines fully embraces the modding community. There are tons of great additions you can add to spice up the vanilla game. Whether you want new buildings and services to give to your citizens or are looking to change things around with a first-person mode, there’s bound to be a mod for you.

The Roads
This game allows you to plan your cities without using a grid system. Your roads can wind and snake alongside rivers, or you can make winding pathways through neighborhoods if you so wish. The addition of footpaths and the like allows you to give pedestrians greater mobility while reducing noise and light pollution, making it a great feature overall.

Top User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Cities: Skylines

Do All Laws Apply to the Whole City? 
Actually, no. You can space your city into “districts” and then offer each district its own rules. For example, an industrial district might ban animals, but such a ban isn’t in place in a residential area, allowing your folk access to pets. Use districts to apply certain laws to areas of the city where they make sense.

What’s the Best Way to Utilize Water and Sewage
For water, you can pretty much take it in from any nearby body. As for sewage, you definitely want to dump it into a free-flowing bit of water like a river so that it won’t sicken your community. If you take water and dump sewage from the same river, be sure your sewage plant is DOWNSTREAM or you’ll be in big trouble!

Even a well-zoned city can succumb to noise pollution once it reaches a certain size. However, it’s little known secret that certain constructs will lessen the effects of noise pollution. Big office buildings can act as a shield against noise, but even they have nothing against trees, which really combat it and add beauty to your city. Create a buffer zone against the offending areas with offices and parks and it should help you out.

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