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About Cloudbuilt

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Genre: Platformer | Publisher: Rising Star Games | Platform: PC
Developed by Coilworks, Cloudbuilt is a chaotic action title that essentially throws you into a sky-high obstacle course. It’s suited for gamers of all ages, fans of endless runners, and people that appreciate unforgiving old school games, as it captures the relentless speed of titles like Sonic Unleashed, Mirror’s Edge, or a Temple Run game on acid.

If you’re finding yourself constantly facing the game over screen in this PC game, we’ve got plenty of Cloudbuilt tips and tricks for you, whether they’re in the form of Cloudbuilt speed tips or help with Cloudbuilt’s grading system. So get ready to head straight for that finish line!

The Basics of Playing Cloudbuilt

Cloudbuilt is an action runner title like no other that is strictly concerned with speed, precision, and reflexes as you catapult your way from one side of the fray to the other. Each level is a fairly open world full of many paths and alternatives, leaving it up to you how you reach the finish, as you run walls, avoid obstacles, and shoot robots to victory. The game is broken into four branches (day, night, storm, and dawn), each with their own set of levels. 

Cloudbuilt Strategy: Core Challenges

Cloudbuilt is a very unforgiving title and one that is meant for experienced gamers. There are many mechanics to master, and nearly limitless ways to play it, with you learning more with every run. In order for you to not get overwhelmed and lost in Cloudbuilt’s dust, here are a few pro tips that will help get your name on the leaderboards.

1. Steep learning curve
There is no one solution for each level here, leaving tremendous room for trial and error. Not only is it going to take time for you to learn game mechanics, there’s a huge degree of repetition involved, too. Don’t get discouraged easily, take your time, and take advantage of the game’s playground-like Practice Mode.

2. Defiance DLC
In spite of it equipping you with 300 lives, this is still an challenge that nearly expects unrealistic things from the gamer. These are long levels that offer you minimal checkpoints for help, while already featuring a steep incline in the difficulty.  

3. Making decisions
Cloudbuilt’s levels have many branches to them, with even more ways to explore them. It can feel overwhelming at times, so properly acquaint yourself with your space to determine which paths are duds.

Cloudbuilt: What We Like the Most

At first glance Cloudbuilt may appear to be very generic, but it’s actually one of the more creative synthesis of elements to come along in some time. Much power and respect is given to the gamer here in order to make this title feel distinct from others in its genre in a number of ways. 

The Speed and Freedom
Seriously, this is what Sonic games should feel like. It’s unreal, unparalleled, and a totally exhilarating gaming experience. Not only do you move at breakneck speeds, but it feels like you can go anywhere, too. Yes, you’ll get blown down and need to repeatedly catch your bearings, but it’s all part of the process. 

The Soundtrack
Jacob Linke’s soundtrack is infectious magic that perfectly compliments the frenetic gameplay of Cloudbuilt. You’ll have these songs stuck in your head long after the levels drive you crazy. 

The Level Design
Rather than tired, repetitive layouts, Cloudbuilt fills its world with unconventional, perplexing levels that would make Escher need to sit down. There’s also a stellar Level Editor that let’s you get deep in the game’s DNA and muck around. 

Top User Questions About Cloudbuilt

How do I get an S-Rank? 
Cloudbuilt’s grades are entirely based on speed. So while they might hide the information from you, all that’s holding you back from reaching that S grade is shaving off some extra seconds. 

What’s a better setup, keyboard and mouse, or a controller? 
You might feel more at home with a controller, but later into the game (especially in Defiance) the keyboard and mouse system is going to feel a lot more practical (especially when it comes to aiming your shots). In this game, a few seconds difference truly matters, too.

Are there any plans for an “Easy Mode”? 
While many gamers have struggled with Cloudbuilt’s harsh base level, there are no plans to cater to struggling gamers. The title was developed with hardcore, challenging games in mind and an “Easy Mode” would betray that principle. 

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