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About Cookie Jam

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: SGN | Platform: Mobile
Cookie Jam is a real treat of a game from the creators of Juice Jam. Developed and published by SGN, the Cookie Jam game is a fun light-hearted puzzle game with Match-3 style gameplay. Munch your way through dozens of delicious levels making culinary delights and satisfying your hungry customers. Cookie Jam is available for Android and iOS and is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. It is suitable for all ages and requires little reading to understand. If you enjoyed Juice Jam or Candy Crush then this is the game for you.

Cookie Jam: Core Challenges

Cookie Jam has a lot more elements than most Match-3 style puzzle games. Once you get going it's clean sailing but here are three Cookie Jam tips and strategies to help you deal with the toughest challenges.

In some Cookie Jam levels, a gingerbread man will appear at the bottom of the board. Each turn he will climb higher and you have to stop him from reaching the top. To defeat him you have to match pieces of the same color to him. Alternatively, you can use a booster to hit him from afar. Gingerbread men are unable to get past chocolate pieces.

There are many obstacles in the Cookie Jam game, but making matches beside them can defeat most that are in your way. Generally, if in doubt, match beside or through obstacles or hit it with a boost. Be aware that cakes can be moved and if you use the whipped cream power-up you can easily get rid of them. And remember, chocolate pieces are great for trapping gingerbread men. 

Hard To Reach Pieces
Sometimes you need to drop pieces into boxes at the bottom of the board, but those pieces are outside of the main board. You need to use a boost to get them down. However, be aware that if you fire a boost through the item you are trying to drop, it won't actually go down at all and usually won't even disappear. So to avoid wasting your boost, aim for the brick below.

What We Like About Cookie Jam

There is just something about the happy go lucky atmosphere of Cookie Jam that is charming. While I question the fact that the Panda chef is French and makes cakes rather than noodles, it's still a very fun game. Here are three things that make it stand out from other Match-3 games

No Pressure On Your Wallet
Most Match-3 games feel like you're attaching a vacuum to your wallet for their duration. However, Cookie Jam doesn't really pressure you to buy things. I wouldn't have even been aware of the hard currency at all if the game hadn't told me that they had a special deal on coins the weekend I was playing it.

Le Frisson
Cookie Jam is filled with lots of French exclamations and such. As well as being visually beautiful, Cookie Jam has some really great music and sound effects. It's very easy to get into because you feel so rewarded by all the stimuli you get when you pass a level.

Creative Take
Cookie Jam isn't just another Match-3 game that is interchangeable with any other. It has way more obstacles and boosts than most puzzle games, as well as some pretty interesting challenges. It definitely keeps things fresh and difficult, but without being overly frustrating.

Cookie Jam: Story/Gameplay

There isn't really a story; there is just a French panda that makes cakes. We'll have to wait for the crazy origin story behind that one. The gameplay is that of any match-3 game. You must slide pieces along a board in order to make matches. Each level has a new challenge; you might be racing the clock or clearing the board, either way you are in for some fun.

Top User Questions About Cookie Jam

How Do I Remove Icing From The Board? 
Unlike most obstacles, trying to make a match next to icing won't remove it unless the blocks you match are the same as the icing. Simply find the right colors to match next to it and you'll clear your board in no time.

You can use the cookie cutters to create boosters. What you need to do is find a piece that is the same shape as the cookie cutter and manage to put it above it. It will fall on the cutter and create a power-up.

How Do I Fill Jam Jars? 
Find a piece that is the same color as the jam and place it above it. It will fall into the jar and fill it a little bit. You need to do it repeatedly and eventually the jar will explode.

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