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Genre: Action | Publisher: PlayStation Mobile Inc. | Platform: Mobile
Developed by Dynamighty, CounterSpy is a stylistic side scrolling spy game based during the Cold War. While similar to the early Sly Cooper games, CounterSpy is still unique enough to hold its own in the genre. There is violence involved, but it is all very stylized and would be suitable for any age group above 14. It is available for Android, iOS, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Core Challenges of CounterSpy

CounterSpy can be very difficult at times, but it does have very balanced gameplay. All you need to succeed is a little bit of guidance in the right direction.

Killing Enemies
Your main source of points in each CounterSpy level will be killing enemies. Taking them out with a normal pistol isn't always a good idea since the noise can alert enemies to your location. Walking behind enemies and strangling them, or dangling off edges and dragging enemies down when they step too close, is much more silent. You can also purchase a silent weapon that has less power and requires precision. And, of course, shooting gas canisters or missile shots can get rid of a whole room easily.

You don't want to be spotted because guards will call to have the Defcon level raised and jeopardize your mission. Duck and roll behind objects and keep out of sight. If you have an indicator of an enemy on the side of your screen they will hear cries for help or shots fired. Kill everyone in an area before blowing open safes. Remember, enemies in the background will require you to duck before you shoot.

Finding Documents
In CounterSpy, you need to find Launch Plans and other such documents over the course of the game. This requires exploring everywhere and checking every cabinet. Always clear an area of enemies to facilitate a thorough search.

What We Like About CounterSpy

CounterSpy is a very high-quality game in all areas (except maybe the narrative). There is definitely a lot to love about it, but here are three things that really stand out:

The game's simplistic art style and color scheme makes it a very visually appealing play. Your spy is pretty much faceless which adds to the feeling of anonymity. Even the loading screen has an elegant style that shows your spy traveling on a map to the destination in question. There are posters all over which really make you feel like you've traveled back to Cold War era. The character strides in a very slick fashion too.

The CounterSpy soundtrack is very 007 and really adds to the tense atmosphere of the game. Sometimes, someone will speak over the intercom and it really sounds perfect. Overall, I am very impressed with the atmosphere created through the visuals and the audio. It just blends well with the plot overall.

Automatically Generated Levels
The levels in CounterSpy are different each time you play them. This is great, especially for a portable game, because it means you can keep playing it for an infinite amount of time. In the game, you wouldn't realize that each level wasn't tailor made because everything blends together so well.

Story And Gameplay of CounterSpy

In CounterSpy you play as a spy for a secret organization that wants to bring an end to the war before it even begins. You must infiltrate both the US and USSR bases and steal launch codes to prevent them from firing upon each other and starting Armageddon. Gameplay is rather straightforward; make your way across the level to the computer at the end, while collecting documents and killing enemies along the way. You mustn't die or let the Defcon level be raised (causing a nuclear strike) or you have to try again.

CounterSpy Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clear Groups Without Being Noticed? 
Quite often in the background there will be many guards. Picking them off is tricky since they tend to discover each other's bodies as they walk around. Pick off people at the very back and work your way forward to the front slowly. Even if they have question marks they won't fire until they see you.

Officers can be threatened in order to lower the level. However, in order to do this they have to face you. Run toward them and they will turn when they hear you coming unless you have the silent running perk. You can also fire into the air.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Specialist Silently? 
Specialists wear full helmets and can't be taken down by a stealth shot to the head. Shoot them with a tranquilizer and wait a few seconds for them to collapse.

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