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About Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper

Don't have Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper?

Genre: Arcade | Publisher: Hipster Whale | Platform: Mobile
Crossy Road is an endless arcade hopping game available on iOSAndroid and Windows devices. Crossy Road is a simple game that will bring back memories of the classic game,Frogger, as you attempt to cross traffic, rivers, railroads and more to achieve the high score.

Developed by Hipster Whale, Crossy Road is a game for everyone. Due to its nature as an arcade game, both new and experienced players can enjoy the game. If you are a fan of endless runners, or just enjoy a classic arcade game, Crossy Road will definitely be a game to check out.

Crossy Road: Core Challenges

Crossy Road Tip #1 – Quickly Keep Moving Forward
While patience may be a virtue to some, this is a game that prefers quick decision making and no turning back. Because of that, players that tend to take their time will need to hurry to avoid getting caught by the eagle. Likewise, players that prefer to backtrack will find their fates sealed with a few hops in the wrong direction. Thus, quick and meaningful movements are important to have long and successful runs.

Crossy Road Tip #2 – Everyone’s Identical
Those new to this game need to realize one thing. While there may be over 75 different characters to unlock in this game, they all hop the same. Because of that, it won’t matter whether you have a snail or a human, they will both move with the same speed and grace. There are some characters that change the terrain or time of day, but they will still hop the same as everyone else.

Crossy Road Tip #3 – The Screen is Your Friend
While many games these days favor a horizontal or vertical approach to gaming, Crossy Road enjoys using both. This aspect of the game allows players a chance to challenge as well as help themselves. Holding their device vertically gives them a better view of their path with less view on their surroundings whereas holding the device horizontally allows a wider view of their surroundings and less of a view on what’s ahead.

Crossy Road: What We Like About It

With a super popular game like this, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Here are three of the things we loved most about Crossy Road.

The Characters: Of the many things that can be enjoyed, the characters in Crossy Road are one of the best parts. The game features such a wide variety of characters, ranging from animals to people, and even monsters and other random creatures. With such a wide spectrum, there is a character for everyone to fall in love with.

The Dying Photos: As an arcade game, failure is to be expected. That is what gets you to come back and play the game again and again. To make that failure of dying a little more enjoyable, the game makes sure to snap a photo that you can save each and every time you lose. This makes even the most frustrating deaths a bit more enjoyable.

The Maddening Simplicity: If there is one thing that everyone can enjoy about arcade games, it is that they are simple and fun to play. Crossy Road is no different. In fact, that simplicity can be maddening as you hop along trying your best to survive. This will happen time and time again as you aim for a new high score, and honestly, that’s one of the best parts to the game.

Crossy Road: Story/Gameplay

Crossy Road is a fairly simple game. The main idea is to get as far as possible, while avoiding death from cars, trains, rivers and more. Managing this is as fun as it sounds as you hop your way to a high score.

Since the game is based around the idea of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” it makes sense to start the game with a chicken. From there, players use a number of different characters, thanks to an in-game machine, to explore the world ahead of them and aim for the highest score possible.

Crossy Road: Game-Related FAQ

Why Can’t You Get Every Character from the Game Machine?
That’s simple. Not every character can be gained from the character machine. While a large majority of the characters can be unlocked by winning them as a prize in the machine, there are a handful of characters that must be unlocked by a specific method.

Why Does The Map Change?
Depending on the character, sometimes the map and ground upon which you run will change. Sometimes it will be a small change like the time of day or the weather while other changes can result in different color schemes and additional sound effects. Any time the game changes, look at the character that you’re using and that should help to explain the change.

Can You Pick Up Anything Other Than Coins?
The answer to this is yes. While a large majority of the characters in the game will only ever see coins, there are a handful of characters that will find other things to pick up. Sometimes these other items are useful to unlocking a hidden character while others items are just for fun and have no added value than to add more chaos to the game.

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