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About DayZ

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Bohemia Interactive | Platform: PC
Survival horror takes on a whole new meaning in this grandiose, open-world zombie game from Bohemia Interactive. In the realm of survival horror, DayZ is poised to be one of the best, as it addresses desolation, isolation, and utter aloneness.

DayZ gives so much to the gaming experience by simply taking away things that we are accustomed to from survival horror games. In this game, Bohemia Interactive gives players a vast world to explore and a true survival experience, as other players in this online world are there to make sure you don’t live to see Day 2. 

There is nothing separating you from the world you are trying to survive in. The environment is old and familiar, with the main enemies being your fellow survivors — in DayZ the zombies serve primarily as a backdrop or a general nuisance. 

What We Like Most About DayZ

Even though DayZ is only in the ALPHA stage, you can see the brilliance they are developing. With its gorgeous and interactive landscapes you are forced to exist on wits alone. There’s a lot of traditional survival horror elements in DayZ with some more unique aspects that make the game worth playing.

Complete Mood Inducing
There is no music to distract you or health and stamina bars. The DayZ game warns you in very subtle ways of what you need; your stomach aches or you feel warm blood. Then it is your job to address those issues.

Team or Solo Play
You can choose to take on the world alone or you can go at it with friends. Regardless, you have to survive against real human intelligence. This is not a menu option but a choice between yourself and others in the game.

True Survival
You are thrown into DayZ with no instruction. From the very beginning you’ll need to find food, shelter, and defense to survive

The Basics of DayZ Play

You are spawned immediately into Chernarus, a post-soviet area of Russia. Most of the people have been turned into zombies and your only goal is to survive. To survive you must seek out supplies like food, water, and protection. Chernarus is extremely deadly and grips you in fear as you never know where death will come for you. There is no end to the exploration or the danger.

Interaction with other players helps the gameplay in unpredictable and exciting ways. And, with a variety of weapons and clothing, you can customize your character to better adapt and survive in this world. As you progress you will learn new and inventive ways to experience DayZ.

Core Challenges of DayZ

Surviving in DayZ is a monstrous undertaking. There is very little help to be found and the help you may find may be anything but helpful. The following strategies for DayZ may help you eek out an existence that is more than just beans and expired sardines.

The players in DayZ can be friend or foe. Sometimes they may show their cards right away while others may be biding their time. Trust your instincts because players will kill you for a hoodie and a rotten kiwi.

The name of the game is survival and survive you must. It’s not like other games where you can find things easily; in fact, it’s pretty hard. When you find food, keep it. Only use the food when you need it. When you die (which you will) you can respawn anywhere in the world so hording food and creating stashes is a waste of your time.

The undead are stupid, shambling things. Run away instead of engaging. Or lead them back to other people. There are only a few zombies so don’t risk your survival, especially when there are plenty of humans to worry about instead.

Top User Questions About DayZ

When will the final version of DayZ be released?
The current idea is for it to be released on PS4 in the 3rd quarter of 2015 with a final PC release coming in 2016. Xbox One is still to be announced.

Can I use a controller?
DayZ does offer controller support but it is cumbersome and takes time getting used to, but so do the keyboard controls so the choice is yours.

Are there any quests or objectives? 
No. Your only objective is to survive. That’s it. You may get these things in the final release but so far there are none in this alpha stage.

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