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About Dead Trigger 2

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Madfinger | Platform: Mobile
Dead Trigger 2 is a frenetic first-person shooter that throws you into a zombie wasteland. It’s perfect for teenage and adult gamers, zombie fans in general, and fans of grab-and-go mobile shooters, while feeling reminiscent of something like Sniper 3D Assassin.

Developed by Madfinger Games, the apocalyptic zombie shooter is available free to download for Android and iOS. If you’re new to the Dead Trigger series, you’ll likely be trigger-happy for Dead Trigger 2 tips and tricks, whether that’s in the form of Dead Trigger 2 strategies or how to earn extra gold in Dead Trigger 2. So load your weapon and jump into the fray.

The Basics of Playing Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 enlists you as part of the Global Resistance, a group designated to defeat the growing zombie threat. Story is absolutely minimal here though. You simply shoot and survive, and that’s the extent of it as far as you’re concerned. It’s a shame too, because a strong story is exactly the sort of element that would cause this game to excel above the rest of the freemium content out there.

The game offers up your standard zombie slaughter map missions, but also an escort mode (protecting an AI controlled character; think RE 4) and sentinel missions (protecting and preventing a door from being breached) giving your slaughtering a bit of variety.

Dead Trigger 2 Strategy: Core Challenges

Dead Trigger 2 is a real onslaught of an attack and you don't want to be stuck unprepared when a horde of brain eaters corners you somewhere. The title provides a simplified shooting environment but there are still plenty of pro tips to keep you alive out there longer against the game's harder challenges.

1. Learning how to navigate the safe house properly
The safe-house/shop in the game is the biggest misfire and it’s a considerable one. Basically you go here to upgrade your arsenal. It’s a novel idea, but the silly thing is that all of your upgrades take (actual) time to be made. Some of these result in minor nuisances, but more fundamental upgrades (like going up a level, for instance) can take up to as long as 24 hours and still cost you about $50,000 of gold in the process.

2. Understanding the game’s leveling and health system
The leveling system sees you gaining levels quickly which means enemies become stronger. The only way you get stronger though is with stronger weapons which you need blueprints to acquire. Your health situation is also frustrating as you don't start at full, but rather need painkillers to increase it. 

3. Making auto-fire work for you
Auto-fire can be a Godsend in Dead Trigger 2, but know when to use it. Having it enabled causes your weapon to automatically fire when zombies enter a certain proximity, but such a function is problematic in sentinel and escort missions or when long-distance shooting is more advantageous. Know when to have it on and when to have it off.

Dead Trigger 2: What We Like the Most

Dead Trigger 2 manages to improve upon much of what made the original game so addictive in the first place. Granted, free-to-play titles (especially shooters) are plentiful, yet Dead Trigger 2 still manages to make it feel distinct from the rest in a number of ways.

Big Step Up From the Original
Dead Trigger 2 offers some amazing graphics (especially for an iOS or Android game) while offering an expanded variety of enemies and weapons in comparison to the first entry, answering many fans' concerns.

Pay-For Content Better Handled
The original Dead Trigger really throttled you when it came to in-game payments. Thankfully the system has been largely reworked this time where in-game items and upgrades are cheap and far from necessary.

More of an Emphasis on Strategy
There's a welcome incorporation of strategy elements this time around as you're only allowed two guns and a melee weapon into your arsenal. The limitation forces you to add more planning into your gameplay.

Top User Questions About Dead Trigger 2

In Dead Trigger 2 there are a number of ways to yield greater gold, such as utilizing melee combat, knocking off body parts (or the classy headshot) rather than taking zombies down normally, repairing barricades, and cranking up the game’s difficulty.

How do I acquire new guns? 
Your gunsmith must build new guns, which require you to find their respective blueprints. These blueprints are acquired by taking down the minibosses of the game (Kamikaze, Vomitron, and Scienfist).

How do I unlock new explosives? 
Unlike new weapons, in Dead Trigger 2 explosives are not built through blueprints. Instead they're unlocked by beating the game's quests that appear periodically (check your quest menu if you're unsure).

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