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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Activision | Platform: Console
Destiny is a Massively Multiplayer Online game with First-Person Shooter elements. You select one of three classes and adventure through a science fiction world. You take up quests to explore the world and fight enemies such as the Fallen and the Hive in order to save humanity. You work alongside and compete against other players.

Destiny is made by Bungie, the creators of science fiction FPS games like Marathon and the acclaimed Halo series. If you liked games like those, Destiny will be the sort of game for you. Fans of traditional MMOs like World of Warcraft might like the FPS spin on the genre.

The Basics of Destiny

Destiny is a shooting MMO. There are three classes to suit your play style: Titans are tanks focused on physical attacks and soaking up damage; Hunters are stealthy rogues who are versatile but somewhat frail; and Warlocks are spell-slingers in the vein of wizards from other fantasy games.

Destiny is an open-world exploration game. You explore various areas, fighting monsters and completing quests to level up your character and obtain better gear. The more powerful you are in levels and gear, the tougher the challenges you can tackle. Combat is dynamic and action-based, with a focus on shooting.

Core Challenges of Destiny

Want some Destiny cheats and hints to help you through your journey? Well, look no further. Here are out top Destiny tips and tricks to help improve your game.

Destiny Tip 1 – Grab All the Golden Chests Early On: Unlike normal treasure chests, golden treasure chests don’t level up with your characters and always give the same level of loot. Thus it’s in your best interest to open all of the golden chests and get their great loot early, when it’s of best use to you.

Destiny Tip 2 – Vary and Level Up Your Weapons: Having a varied weapon loadout is always a good idea, as it keeps you versatile and able to adapt to a new enemy or situation. Don’t shirk leveling your weapons either; a properly leveled up gun can go from trash to your best friend.

Destiny Tip 3 – Re-fight Bosses: MMO bosses tend to drop the best loot, and Destiny bosses are no exception. Even if you’ve beaten a boss before, fight it again to get good drops for your character.

Destiny Tip 4 – Improvise: One of the most useful Destiny tricks is just to try new things. Experiment with weapons and powers to find a unique play style that fits you, and don’t be afraid to play your class in an atypical way.

What We Love About Destiny

First-person shooters and Massively Multiplayer game like Destiny are really big right now, but Destiny offers its own charms. Here’s some of the things we love about Destiny.

A Unique World with Scope: Destiny’s setting is one of its biggest selling points. Destiny blends science fiction and fantasy, creating a world where alien races and mysterious magic co-exist. The uniqueness of this world, and how it feeds into Destiny’s quests and story, are a big part of the game.

MMO Shooting: If you think of an MMO, you probably think of World of Warcraft: a fantasy game with action and role-playing elements. Shooting elements in an MMO are rare, and no game pulls it off better than Destiny.

Accessibility: Destiny is extremely accessible. It can be jumped into with very little hassle and you won’t get bogged down and distracted from the action through constant micro-managing like in some other games. Everything is streamlined to get you right back to the action.

Top User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Destiny

Do I Have to be Online to Play Destiny? 
Yes. Destiny has an always-online requirement and you cannot play the game if you’re not connected to the internet.

What Systems Can I Play Destiny On? 
You can play Destiny on your PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One. There is no major difference between the consoles.

What are Public Events? 
Public events are small, mini-game like events that occur in certain areas. You can play alongside other players for prizes.

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