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About Diamond Digger Saga

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: | Platform: Mobile
Developed and published by King, the people behind Candy Crush, Diamond Digger is a match 3 or more game with a digging theme. The game is similar to Candy Crush in many ways, but rather than matching in lines, any connecting piece counts. Like most King games, it is deceptively simple, but beware of the in-app transactions. There are a lot of opportunities to spend real money and it's a very addictive game. It's out on Android and iOS and can be played online via the King website.

Core Challenges Of Diamond Digger Saga

Diamond Digger Saga is a fairly simple match-3 game. There are only four things you really have to worry about:

Every level has an exit that you have to lead the water to in order to get to lower levels. It's best to get to the exit sooner rather than later. You have to make matches over the yellow areas to let the water down. There may be obstacles, so, if you can, go around them in the straightest route possible.

You may have to collect toys or fireflies as you progress in King’s Diamond Digger Saga game. There are usually more than you need to collect within the level so don't waste too much time in the upper levels. It's entirely possible there will be enough present at the bottom level.

Many levels are simply about reaching a certain score. In order to score more points, get to the bottom levels. The deeper you get the more treasure you will stumble across. Treasure boosts your score and the best stuff is usually on the bottom level. You don't get any points for making matches on water unless it's a level with huge gems.

There are many different obstructions in Diamond Digger Saga. As a rule, only deal with them if you can dispatch them quickly and you can't get around them. They simply take too many turns to destroy.

What We Like About Diamond Digger Saga

While this type of game is seen quite often, Diamond Digger does do a good job of reinventing it a little.

The Water Draining Element
The game is made a lot more challenging due to the water. You receive no points for making matches over water, but you still have to get the water through the exit. You can't afford to waste moves so it turns into a real struggle. It's a really great aspect that makes the game feel fresh in comparison to other versions.

Lives Instead Of Stamina
Rather than each attempt costing stamina you are free to play as much as you want. You lose lives and those take ten minutes to regenerate, but if you're a good player you can progress quite quickly without being limited by stamina.

The key to all popular games is to keep it simple. Anyone can pick up this game and learn to play in a matter of seconds. You can come up with complex Diamond Digger Saga strategies, but you can also just bang your head against the screen until you win. It's not very taxing on the brain.

Story and Gameplay of Diamond Digger Saga

There doesn't seem to be any story or explanation behind your actions in the game. You are simply told to dig and shown how. To play you make matches of three or more colored gemstones. In doing so you remove yellow bricks and allow water to flood the chamber. You want to drain the water from the chamber by leading it to an exit. You may also have to lead it to objects such as fireflies, for some missions.

Diamond Digger Saga: Frequently Asked Questions

There Are Multiple Exits, Which Do I Take? 
Always try to head downwards. Sometimes exits will appear on either side. If this happens it doesn't matter which you choose.

What Are 'Blockers'? 
'Blockers' are another word used to describe obstructions. In Diamond Digger Saga there are a large variety of 'Blockers,' they include frozen blocks, jelly, iron, mud, rock, and locks.

How Many Lives Do You Have? 
You have 5 lives. If you lose a life it will take 10 minutes before it respawns.

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