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About Disney Infinity

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Disney | Platform: Wii
Combining many different worlds in one location, Disney Infinity is limited only by your imagination, letting both children and parents alike race through New York on horseback as Meridia from Brave or take Iron Man on an adventure across the rooftops of Agrabah alongside Aladdin.

Developed by Avalanche Software, Disney Infinity offers both pre-built adventures and the ability to craft your own worlds on mobile, PC and console platforms. Each successive iteration of the game adds in more characters, vehicles and landscapes, with Pixar dominating the original version, Marvel taking over in the 2.0 update and Star Wars making a welcome appearance in 3.0.

Disney Infinity: What We Like The Most

For any potential web-slinger with a desire to fight crime in the big city or every kid who wanted to get behind the wheel just like Vanellope von Schweetz, Disney Infinity has a little something for anyone in its play sets and toy box games.

Sandbox gameplay
Redefining what is meant by “open world,” there's no end to the cities and landscapes that are available, letting you play any type of game you want to play. An extensive level editor is built into the standard game play, and earning new toys to populate your own custom worlds is half the fun.

In addition to skill trees to work through for each and every character, you'll never get bored with Disney Infinity whether you prefer racing across sky high tracks, finding hidden treasures in platformer heaven or working through the toy set story campaigns.

Toy box games
While there are longer full-length story games to complete, toy box mini-games provide shorter diversions. Assault on Asgard for instance lets you switch to a tower defense style of game, while the Brave Forest Siege tasks Merida with gathering as much cake as possible while avoiding dangerous denizens of the woods.

The Basics of Disney Infinity Play

Meshing real world toy collecting with digital counterparts, Disney Infinity figurines unlock access to in-game characters, letting you play as everyone from Captain America to Donald Duck and even Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. For even more customization, hex disc packs provide both weapons and new vehicles like flying carpets and motorcycles.

Once inside the toy box, players can do everything from building an elaborate race track through an Aladdin-themed desert landscape to battling iconic villains with a team composed of characters from diverse universes such as Wreck It Ralph and Lilo and Stitch.

Disney Infinity: Core Challenges

Crafting complex worlds, holding back a horde of frost giants from taking over Stark Tower or preventing the latest dastardly Green Goblin plot from reaching fruition will be a breeze with these Disney Infinity tips and tricks.

1. Earning new toys
Most items in the environment during either play set missions or pre-built toy box games are destructible, yielding collectible blue sparks. These sparks are used for buying all new toys from new characters to populate your worlds to special buildings and environment options. 

2. Combat
Each character has special maneuvers to master that offer an advantage in fights, like Iron Man's ability to float in midair or Green Goblin's crushing physical attacks. All characters also gain access to aerial attacks that knock enemies back to give you some breathing room. Power discs meanwhile offer specific combat advantages, such as the ability to call down a S.H.I.E.L.D. missile strike, and can be bought with blue sparks.

3. Learning to build worlds
While the magic wand tool makes it easy to personalize interior spaces with different themes, Disney Infinity also lets you build your own entire worlds from scratch by placing each individual tree, fire hydrant and billboard anywhere you'd like. For those who don't want to devote that much time and effort, templates are instead available to get started right away, such as starting off with skyscraper lined city and then going in and making individual changes to match your preferences.

Top User Questions About Disney Infinity

What are the starter packs? 
Rather than buying each component individually, starter packs for every console version of the game provide a base collection of specific character figurines, play sets and toy box games to jump straight into the action. These sets are themed around different universes, like Marvel super heroes or specific Disney franchises.

Are play sets compatible across the editions? 
While your specific unlocked characters and power discs from the original version will work in Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, your play sets from previous editions can't be used in later editions. All characters from across the series can however work together in custom toy box games.

Is Disney Infinity free to play? 
Although the PC version is free to download, Disney Infinity isn't actually a free-to-play game. The PC download offers access to the world building toy box, a handful of mini-games and shortened demos of the main campaigns. If you want anything besides the three demo characters however, you will have to actually spend real money.

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