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About Doodle God

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: JoyBits Ltd. | Platform: Mobile
Developed by JoyBits and was released late in 2010, Doodle God is a popular puzzle game where you match elements in order to create everything. It is very similar to the game Alchemy; you match various items together to create new items in a seemingly endless fashion. The highly addictive video game has spawned spinoffs like Doodle Devil and Doodle Farm. And, while you can create items such as Sex and Alcohol, the game isn't particularly explicit and is suitable for all age groups.

Currently, Doodle God is available as a free flash game online or can be purchased for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or PS Vita.

Core Challenges Of Doodle God

Doodle God is a very simple game, mechanics wise. Once you understand what you're doing, nothing will stop you on your quest to fill the Earth.

Finding Combinations
The aim of the game is to get all of the combinations. These combinations are based on numerous things. Sometimes they're physical like water and earth making swamp. Sometimes they're metaphorical like fire and water making alcohol. Occasionally, it will be a pop culture reference such as snakes plus plane equaling 'censored' — try to think outside the box. However, sometimes it is easier to just be systematic and thorough.

As you progress you'll get through new 'episodes' or ages. You'll start off with primitive combinations, which will make up the base of your combination pyramid. It is essential you get all the first combinations like metal, life, and electricity; you'll need them to progress in Doodle God. You'll go from earthworms to airplanes in no time as long as you fully complete that first episode. You can see what combinations you've made by clicking the list symbol at the bottom of the page.

Combine Within A Group
You can combine within one group, even by putting the same element with itself. Many combinations can be missed if you don't combine within the same group like human plus human equals sex. You don't even need to open it twice; you can drop elements straight on top of each other.

What We Like About Doodle God

Doodle God is popular for good reasons, here are the three that make it stand out for me:

Doodle God doesn't take itself too seriously; it has a few pop culture references and a hilarious divine choir sound every time you make a combination. There's quite a bit of tongue and cheek humor here and there and it even references the all-seeing eye (associated with the Illuminati) a few times for humor purposes.

Learning Quotes
Every time you make a successful combination in Doodle God a quote will be visible that is associated with the element you created. Considering there are whole apps for quotes, this is a nice little touch and some of the quotes are quite good.

The game looks hand drawn most of the time, it really lives up to the name of Doodle God. It has a nice background track and is visually appealing. The style is reflective of the light-hearted little adventure game it is.

Story and Gameplay of Doodle God

Doodle God is based around the story of creation. He creates the Earth, but there's nothing on it. He has 4 initial elements to work with and he has to combine these elements to fill and create the entire world. The gameplay simply involves clicking on two groups and selecting an item from each to see if it will combine. The more combinations you make, the more combinations you'll be able to make. The combinations often require completely out of the box thinking. The game naturally evolves in complexity and difficulty as you go along.

Doodle God Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Element Groups Are There? 
It varies depending on platform, but generally you start with four and collect five more over the course of the gameplay.

I've Tried Combining Everything But I'm Still Not Getting Combinations? 
Open two element groups that are the same and combine things within the group. Chances are you missed one of these early on in the game and cannot progress until you get it.

How Many Combinations Are There in Doodle God game? 
Depending on the version, between 115 and 248

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