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About Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: JoyBits Ltd. | Platform: Mobile
Doodle God: 8-bit Mania is a free to play "god puzzle game", or what is hopefully the best word for it.  Developed and published by Joybits, you are a literal god, or "Doodle God", that is given a brand new world consisting only of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.  You must create new "elements" by combining the elements you've already discovered, such as Earth and Fire to create "Lava", and then Lava and Water to create "Steam" and "Stone".  You must progress onward until you've created everything from Life itself, to humanity, technology, and even strange creatures such as dragons and ghouls. 

Core Challenges of Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

Doodle God: 8-bit Mania is extremely unique in that there's no combat action or complex puzzles, or even the tropes found in most "god games".   Instead you start with four basic elements and must combine away to find every other hidden element in the game.

Combination Crazy
You got over a hundred and twenty elements to discover in your Doodle God journeying and thus a load of different combinations you must hunt for.  A bad combination does nothing, but a good combination will get at least a reaction and hopefully a new element, or even multiple new elements, to use to in turn discover more elements.  You'll be testing a lot of combos before this game is over.

Tree of Life
The combinations create a web of discoveries linking  to each other, requiring patience to find them all.  For example, there is a "Bread" element in the game, but how do you create it?  After some labors, you eventually discover and combine "Seeds" and "Field" to create Wheat!  But now what?  Can you combine Wheat and Fire to cook it into Bread?  Maybe Wheat and Human and hope your puny humans know how to bake?    And Bread here is just one example; wait till you get the really complicated ones like "Firearm" or "Limestone".

Supernaturally Strange
It's not just mundane everyday things you can discover in this game.  There's also far-out mystical elements like "Demigod" and even a group of monsters including "Zombie" and "Werewolf".  Get ready to get really creative with your combinations.

What We Like Most About Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

Doodle God: 8-bit Mania can be a great time-waster when you want to feel godly, without the hassle and drag of god games.  Plus, it has these features also going for it:
Sense of Humor
This game can get pretty chuckle-worthy at times, such as accidentally stumbling onto the Vodka element by mixing Alcohol and Water, or when you discover the "Corpse" element by combining Human and Fire (Sorry, dude!  But at least I'm progressing! )   

8Bit Maniacal
If you love the 8-bit aesthetic, then this is the game for you.  Everything is drawn in a wonderful, retro-minimalist 8-bit style and the bleeps, bloops, and 8-bit tunes will guarantee you always have the sound turned up.

Family Fun
There are over a hundred and twenty elements to scour for in this game and each member of your family will have fun trying to figure out on their own how to finally make Life, Bread, and Zombies.  That does include kids; you can turn on  a password-protected "Kid's Mode" in the game at anytime to prevent the appearance of racier elements such as Cigarettes and Beer.

The Story And Gameplay Of Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

Not much to the story in this game, although it is lovingly, authoritatively intoned to you in a prologue before you start a new game.  Doodle God (you, that is) has got a new world to create, but only Air, Fire, Water, and Earth to work with.  The big DG discovers he or she can combine stuff to make more stuff, and from there, life progresses, such as the discovery of Dragons, Vodka, and Domestic Animals.  The game ends when you've discovered every single element possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

How come some combinations are not working/appearing? 
If you are on "kid's mode", elements with an adult theme (such as relating to alcohol) are hidden and cannot be created or even viewed after creating them.  Turning off kid's mode will reveal them if they've been discovered.

Where can I get hints and help? 
There are two types of hints, and both take time to recharge.  One hint will tell you of an element you've not yet discovered, but will not tell you how to make it; this hint recharges quickly.  Another hint will show you two groups of elements and tell you that one pair of elements within these two groups will make a new element; this hint has a much longer recharge.  You can also use a hint that will immediately create a missing element for you, however, only the first use of this hint is free!  All other uses of this hint requires an in-app purchase.

How can I create Life? 
People tend to get stuck early in the game on this one, so here's a hint: Energy and Swamp (Swamp's your best friend in Doodle God!).  How do you create Energy and Swamp?  That's up to you!

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