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About Drakensang Online

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Genre: MMO | Publisher: Bigpoint | Platform: PC
Created by Bigpoint, Drakensang Online is one of the best role-playing MMO games available and, along with several other awards, won MMO of the Year for 2012. Drakensang Online is a 3D action-based RPG, offering fantastic graphics from a skewed perspective, and the ability to customize your Dragonknight, Ranger, Steam Mechanicus, or Spellweaver character

There are plenty of things to do in the Drakensang Online game such as interacting with other players and questing, and, like other role-playing videogames, players have the ability to choose new skills and powers as they progress and rise in levels. 

The Challenges of Playing Drakensang Online

The Drakensang MMO is really about amassing fortune and exploring the Drakensang Online universe. And, while there’s a rather stiff learning curve, Drakensang Online will become second nature with a little practice. However, there are some Drakensang tips and tricks you can use to help you quickly get acclimated to the game.

1. Ignore the Horde
Entering any MMO, especially a free one like Drakensang Online, can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it feels as though there are no server limits and you’ll come across hordes of players. In Drakensang Online, it’s best to ignore them and worry about your own game.

2. Guard Your Loot
In Drakensang Online, any character can kill your monsters and take your loot. It’s best to get in and get out fast or risk losing much needed experience points to other players. 

3. Spend the money
Drakensang Online is free, but to quickly get ahead and really dominate in the game you may want to spend real money to earn the items you need to succeed in the game. 

What We Like About Drakensang Online

While similar to other role-playing video games available, the Drakensang MMO has many things that we love and makes it stand out amongst the crowd: 

Drakensang Online has some cool in-game effects and some of the best 3D graphics available. In the Drakensang MMO your character’s easily visible in a crowd, with its movements right at the top of the pile.

Free to Play
While you may be tempted to pay for certain upgrades to give you an advantage, Drakensang Online is definitely a free to play MMO title.

Action Play
The core appeal of Drakensang Online is that it is all about the action, which it definitely has 

Basic Gameplay of Drakensang Online

Starting Drakensang Online is pretty simple: you select your class out of the three options then do a little customizing. Once you’re done you’re in the game playing, but since it’ll take you some time to figure it all out, it’s recommended that don’t venture too far from the starting location until you get familiar with the controls.

While most RPG games are turn-based, Drakensang Online is based around killing creatures. You point and click to do everything and, since you do not take turns being fast on a mouse is important to your success.

Drakensang Online Top User Questions

Where do I Get Equipment in Drakensang Online? 
Equipment can be gained in any urban area by visiting artisans like a blacksmith.

Can I have an adventuring party?
Find your friend and use Cntrl+Left Click to send an invite.

What are “Andermants”? 
This is the money of Drakensang Online. You use real money to buy Andermants which you then use in-game to buy things you need.

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