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About Empires of Sand

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Digital Things Sl | Platform: Mobile
Empires of Sand is a fun take on the tower defense app games. Codigames creates a fantastic world with embellished Egyptian themes. Casual gamers and Midcore gamers alike enjoy Empires of Sand, a hybrid between the fun base management of Clash of Clans, with the gameplay of tower defense apps deciding battles. If you have an android, iOS, tablet or phone, you should definitely try this free to play game.

Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense, Casual, Real Time Strategy, Management.

Empires of Sand Essential Challenges

Empires of Sand Base Management Quick Tip:
Base management is 50% of the challenge.  Upgrading your buildings will give you stronger units and towers in the tower defense potion of the game.  Always spend your gold and stone before you put the game down, so that when you are not playing, those coffers can refill.  

Tower Defense App is what Empires of Sand is about
The tower defense portion of Empires of Sand is where the game amazes, one of the best experiences of any Tower Defense Apps available.  A player must consider speed, armor type, and attack type of the towers you build and units you send against your enemy when you play Empires game.  Definitely check out all our video tips for details on how to win.

Resource Management a constant Challenge
Empires of Sand base building requires you manage stone and gold carefully to unlock the best units and towers.  In battle ensuring you have a constant flow of prayer power will secure victory.  Be sure to erect enough Prayer Towers alongside more defensive towers.  Eventually you will save up enough power to launch a devastating attack on your enemy’s tower defenses.

What we enjoy about Empires of Sand

Fantastic Theme, Art, and Style
When you play Empires of Sand, you feel the theme.  Unit and tower designs, dialogue, sandy environments, and strong sound design, all come together to create a cohesive and solid game.

Building one more tower, collecting prayer power, and cheering your units on against the enemy’s defenses creates a fun gameplay loop.  Empires of Sand rises above other Tower Defense Apps.  

Satisfying Progression
Playing Empires of Sand, in both Tower Defense and Base Management modes provides a constant stream of rewards.  Units get bigger and better, defensive towers grow stronger and taller, all at a fun pace.  Seeing those wood, gold, and prayer points collect just feels so good in this empires game.

The Gameplay Options and Plot for Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand has a light hearted campaign where you play the Pharoh, who must push back Seth’s evil forces threatening your city.  The campaign serves as a tutorial to get you up to speed on all the how to’s of the game.

There are five game modes to play in Empires of Sand:
1. Empire management - build your city or base in order to unlock more units, abilities, and upgrades. 
2. Campaign - fight the evil Seth, to save Egypt.  
3. Player vs. Player - challenge other users to a Tower Defense match.
4. City Defense – Set up your Tower Defense plan for your city, other players will try to raid your city and must fight through your tower defense to steal your resources.  
5. Survival mode – this mode plays much more like all the other tower defense apps out there.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users about Empires of Sand

What is the best platform to play Empires of Sand on?
An iPad with retina screen is the best experience, the gorgeous hand drawn visuals come to life, and the larger screen is great for seeing the whole empires game.  The game plays well on Android and iPhone too.

Is PvP in real time or turn by turn?
Empires of Sand actually supports both:
Turn based or Asynchronous- You build up your city defenses, or choose to raid another player’s base for resources. This fits well into the tower defense gameplay, and separates the building and attacking modes. 
Real Time Strategy or Player vs. Player - connect to another player, and build out your own tower defense on the fly while sending units to attack.  Speed is very important to the gameplay here just like in any Tower Defense app.

What should I upgrade first?
For towers, upgrade either Arrows or Magic.  You want to deal as much damage as possible on the field. For your city focus on upgrading your stone and gold coffers and quarries. The more resources you can hold and gather the faster you can upgrade everything else in the empires game.

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