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About Eternity Warriors 3

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Glu Games | Platform: Mobile
Available of Android and iOSEternity Warriors 3 is the third installment in the hack 'n' slash series by Glu. While based on a freemium model, Eternity Warriors 3 is heavy on the 'pay to win' aspects and is pretty violent — you may not get far without shelling out $20 to get past the tenth boss. 

Core Challenges of Eternity Warriors 3

Eternity Warriors 3 is pretty complex, but at its core it is a simple hack 'n' slash game. You don't really need a fighting strategy, but you do need preparation before battles.

In Eternity Warriors 3, you have a limited amount of inventory space and so you need to regularly fuse or sell items that you do not need. Make sure you look at an item's potential weapon score before you sell it. Some of the better pieces need to be leveled up rather than found. As long as you do this regularly you should be fine, you just don't want to miss out on loot because of something so trivial.

Upgrading Equipment
This is really expensive but necessary, in order to save money try only fusing 'uncommon' equipment. This is usually cheaper than using rare items. However, while expensive, rare items tend to boost you up very quickly so it's up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

In Eternity Warriors 3, these are very expensive to level up and most require real money. Figure out which skills you use and focus on leveling up those. You can earn the premium currency, and depending on your type, some skills are definitely worth a dip into the wallet. Just think beforehand because you'll regularly have to upgrade the skill in future.

What We Like About Eternity Warriors 3

Eternity Warriors 3 is a bit different from its predecessors and that’s good. I'm quite the fan of games that play like Diablo just because they aren't too strenuous. Here are three selling points for Eternity Warriors 3:

Hack'n'Slash Through Levels
It is a really fun action game. When bad guys appear you get closed into an area until you beat them. The fighting moves and animation are really good, with a surprising lack of lag, considering that at times, there could be a large number of enemies on the screen at once. The game definitely lives up to the hack 'n' slash name.

Talking To Other Players
You get to talk to real players during the game. This is a rare feature in a mobile game so I was pretty impressed and spent a lot of time lingering in the main start area just chatting with people.

You can sacrifice amulets and other offerings to deities and get items in return.

Story and Gameplay of Eternity Warriors 3

The story is basically about this dragon that cursed the entire world by releasing this particular evil Sword into it. You are meant to be the hero who restores peace by finding it and assumedly sealing it back up or wielding it. The actual gameplay involves a series of timed levels filled with baddies and a boss at the end. You simply cut your way through. In between missions, you go to a safe area where you can talk to other players and upgrade your equipment or go shopping. You want to try and get your character as strong as possible through upgrades and level ups.

Eternity Warriors 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What does CC mean?
CC means Critical Chance, CD means Critical Damage, IIF means Increased Item Find, ER means Energy Reduction. You'll see these terms on rarer items in the game.

Why is there a 'Normal Mode' when there isn't another option?
When you complete the game Legendary Mode becomes available, but until then you can only choose normal.

How do I equip an item?
Go into the inventory and click the item you want to be equipped. If there is a red X, unfortunately, it cannot be equipped for some reason, but if there is a green tick you'll have an option underneath to equip.

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