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Genre: Action | Publisher: 2K Games | Platform: PC
Pioneering the still fledgling 4 vs. 1 style of gaming, Evolve pits a gigantic deadly monster against a team of crack hunters outfitted with genetic enhancements and robotic upgrades.

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve's game play expertly combines both the silent tracking of a hunting simulator with the pulse-pounding action of a massive boss fight in multiplayer-only combat on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC

With four hunters stalking the ultimate in deadly prey across the alien planet Shear, Evolve will quickly show your group of killers just who is really stalking whom as the tables turn and the hunter becomes the prey.

Evolve: What We Like The Most

Every battle is an epic boss fight in Evolve, letting one player experience the thrill of devastating the opposition as a titanic monster while the other four players utilize stealth and special weaponry to try to survive the hunt.

Ultimate multiplayer experience
Combining both co-op and opposition multiplayer styles into one base game, Evolve forces players to work together as a team and balance out their abilities if they want to stay alive long enough to bag a monster and keep the colonists of Shear safe.

Hunter and monster options
Different play styles are accommodated by choosing both different classes and also different characters within those base classes. Within the assault class for instance, if you like to get up close and personal, Lennox's plasma lance can do devastating damage over multiple hits, while Hyde's mini gun and toxic grenades let you stay more out of harm's way while gunning down a massive behemoth.

Excellent maps
Each arena is massive and features highly interact environments for both hunters and monsters. Hatching eggs of local wildlife offers the monster a boost as tentacled creatures soften up the hunters before a major assault, while craggy cliff faces are great for hiding and launching death from above.

The Basics of Evolve Play

Each map sees a team of four skilled huntsmen dropping down from orbit into the domain of a staggeringly large beast that has the home field advantage and can evolve into an even more fearsome enemy over time.

Stalking and hiding is just as important as directly attacking while avoiding the deadly alien flora and massive fauna of the planet Shear. With one player filling each role, your team will have to carefully coordinate the abilities of the Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support classes while the lone monster times cool downs on devastating abilities and strategically seeks out hiding places to evolve before stalking and eating his human prey.

Evolve: Core Challenges

The two different sides of the game play out very differently, but each is capable of offering a very satisfying multiplayer experience if you follow these Evolve tips and tricks.

1. Working as a team
Communication is key, as is using your various abilities in tandem to negate the monster's greater strength and speed. Val's tranquilizer gun for instance marks the monster's position on your map, while Bucket's cloaking field lets you sneak up on the enemy. Combine that with Crow's mobile arena ability to trap the monster in an enclosed area when its health and armor are low to move in for the kill.

2. Using a monster effectively
The monster needs time to evolve, so hiding at first is often a better tactic than running straight at the enemy team as you eat local wildlife and transform into a more powerful beast. Evolution takes time and leaves you vulnerable, however so take cover in a hidden area like a cave before starting the process.

3. Using the environment
Giant creatures roaming through the jungle will send birds flying into the air, so tread carefully as the monster and pay attention to your surroundings as the hunters. On the other hand, running in different directions to use birds as decoys can also confuse a group of hunters as to which direction you are truly going.

Top User Questions About Evolve

How do I unlock new characters? 
New character options become available after completing the character mastery for each monster or hunter, which require using all your different weapons and abilities. For instance, to unlock the tier 1 character mastery for Hyde, you need to do a set amount of damage (to the monster or wildlife) with the flame thrower, mini gun and toxic grenades. 

Always try to fight from an advantageous position, like high above the monster with plenty of room to fire as he tries to flee, or by forcing the monster into a cramped cave with little maneuverability. Be sure to conserve your jet pack fuel as well, as you'll likely need it to quickly escape while the tank is empty if you've been using it to move around the map.

Which monster should I play?  
That depends quite a bit on your skill and play style. Goliath is a good all-around pick with its tough hide and ability to both quickly flee or close the distance and engage hunters in melee. Kraken can be tougher to master, but his ability to fly and launch long range attacks are devastating if used properly, while Wraith is all about confusing the hunters and keeping them on their toes. 

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