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About FIFA 14

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Genre: Sports | Publisher: EA | Platform: Mobile
The roar of the crowd coupled with the unbeatable sensation of watching a well timed shot hit the back of the net can be yours with FIFA 14. Developed by EA Sports, this entry in the FIFA series is available across all the major gaming platforms, including PC, consoles and mobiles devices.

More than just a sports game, FIFA 14 is a full-on simulation covering every aspect of the game from scouting out talent and putting together a team that works well together to facing off against the most famous players in the world directly on the field.

FIFA 14: What We Like The Most

From the Football Club to the Manager Career, FIFA 14 keeps sports lovers connected together in a game with so many options that it manages to remain fresh even over extended periods of play.

Extensive control
Covering aspects as minute as your manager's outfit to the level of strictness your board imposes on financial issues, FIFA 14 is an exhaustive overview of owning and running a team. You even oversee where your scouts go searching for talent and what they look for: whether tall defenders or strong free kick specialists, you have total control over what type of players make it to your team.

Updated physics
The Xbox One and PS4 versions of FIFA 14 feature the Pure Shot and Real Ball physics systems in the updated Ignite engine, making both ball and player movement more realistic and taking into account player momentum. Simply running down the field is now more tactical, as you can't just stop on a dime and suddenly move the opposite direction without slowing down.

Play your way
Don't like the standard formation? Change it! Both the way the players move and perform on the field and what sort of shots they take is completely up to you. Devoted fans can even learn specific skill moves so that players perform in the game exactly as they do in real life.

The Basics of FIFA 14 Play

Skill challenges are there to hone your abilities and ultimate team mode lets you test your mettle against other FIFA fanatics in full online seasons, but the heart of the game for the single player rests on career mode.

Split into two separate versions, player career mode lets you take one specific player from obscurity to world fame, while manager career mode focuses on finding and assembling your dream team to crush the opposition. Of course the whole way you'll be learning when to pull off sliding tackles and how to take the best shots utilizing either strength or finesse.

FIFA 14: Core Challenges

Need to get ahead on the field or figure out how to put together an all-star team of the world's best? Use these FIFA 14 strategies to take control of any match.

1. Building a strong team
It might be tempting to just take the most expensive players with the highest stats and throw them together, but that's a rookie mistake. Your team has to have a good chemistry to be effective on the field. You want players who are happy in their positions who also have strong links like a common country or league. Keep an eye on your budget as well and be sure to throw in trades in addition to money with any offer, and don't be afraid to make a low ball counter offer during negotiations.

2. Getting across the field
Choosing the right pass for any situation is critical to getting near the penalty area, as is thinking defensively while moving across the field. Keep in mind that taller players catch in-air passes more easily, while stronger players can more readily muscle opposing team members away from the ball.  

3. Scoring goals
Scoring is all about timing and positioning, deciding whether to take a rushed shot slightly off balance now, or instead taking the time to line up a better shot while giving the other team more time to block. Be sure to always balance power with positioning: high power might get it there faster, but a carefully executed finesse shot will curve in just the arc you want to narrowly avoid being stopped by the goalie.

Top User Questions About FIFA 14

Why can't I get the ball away from the other team? 
Learn to anticipate where and when a pass is going to happen, as it’s much easier to pull away an unattended ball than trying to tackle an opposing player and wrestle it away. Quickly switching between nearby players is often more helpful than sticking to one player who is laser focused on whoever currently has the ball.

What are skill moves?  
Keeping control of the ball and scoring goals is one thing, but doing it with flair and finesse is even better. Skill moves add a stylistic element to the game when pulled off correctly, and are also incredibly useful for dominating on the field - a well placed roulette will save you from losing the ball, while a stop and turn can quickly move you away from a wall of defenders into open field space.

Is there seriously a tax on trading with other players?  
Yes, a tax was instituted on player-to-player trading in FIFA, so always keep that in mind when selling any cards to another player. The seller loses out on 5% of the coins earned when the transaction actually goes through.

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