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About FTL: Faster Than Light

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Subset Games | Platform: Mobile
FTL: Advanced Edition is a top down strategy title from Subset Games where players must pilot a spaceship across a tumultuous galaxy while avoiding space pirates, Rebel armies, and alien attackers. FTL offers a varied experience for players as it implements elements of other genres such as text based adventures, rogue-like games, and simulator micromanaging

Initially launched as FTL: Faster Than Light, the FTL Advanced Edition offers players more ships to pilot, more upgrades for ships, and new events to explore. 

FTL: Advanced Edition is available on Windows, Mac, and iPad.

FTL’s Biggest Challenges

FTL is not a game for the easily frustrated or faint of heart. Players should expect to die, a lot. 

Avoid Getting Invaded
Enemies can and will teleport aboard your ship and attempt to take over. Early on this can be devastating as it is unlikely players have had time to upgrade their Med Bay. The easiest way to take care of a boarding party is to simply upgrade your doors to level 2, gather your crew in one room and open all other doors, including the ones leading to open space. The boarding party will suffocate in the empty vacuum of the void.

Know Your Characters
Each race comes with bonuses that players should know before departing. Humans level their skills the fastest but don’t do much else. Engi are best at repairs but should avoid combat at all costs. Rockmen have high health and are immune to fire but they’re slow, meaning they’re likely to be the last to the fight. The Mantis deal 1.5x damage and move faster than most races but are terrible at repairs. Zoltans are unique in that they give an extra point of power to the system they are stationed at but have low health. The Slugs don’t do much, but they do allow you to see inside an enemy ship. Lanius is a new race added in the Advanced Edition and completely absorb the oxygen from the room. This skill makes them deadly in combat as they also can survive without air.

What Makes FTL So Good?

Managing Your Resources
The initial ship, The Kestrel, is almost pathetic in terms of firepower. Your ship can be upgraded as you progress through the game but weapons and upgrades are expensive and they share a currency. Missile weapons and drones are limited, and while you can purchase more at stores, running out in the middle of a firefight is not an option. Even your crew needs to be managed properly à la The Sims. Crew members will have to be moved from place to place in your ship as different rooms can become damaged, catch fire, or even be invaded by enemies. 

Randomly Generated Scenarios
Each sector is randomly generated, as are the nodes inside, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same. Sometimes, the same event can occur, such as finding a derelict ship in an unexplored sector but with a different outcome. You could find the ship abandoned and make off with cache of resources, or you could contract a deadly space disease and lose one of you crewmates.

Is There a Story?

The story starts off pretty slim. You are a ship in the Galactic Federation with vital information on the Rebel army. The story builds upon itself as you explore parts of the galaxy. With randomly generated events and outcomes your story could vary from a noble space pirate or a no nonsense military ship.

FTL Gameplay Tips

We’ve grabbed some useful FTL tips and hints for players still new to the game or even experienced players to check out. Sometimes it just isn’t worth dying 30 times to learn some of these.

Time Your Shots: As you upgrade your ship in FTL
Faster Than Light you will undoubtedly purchase more weapons to tear through enemies faster. But as enemies become harder, waiting for all your weapons to charge becomes vital. It might only take one or two shots from a weaker weapon to lower an enemy’s shield, allowing your stronger weapon to freely target any section of the ship. Laser weapons benefit greatly from this tactic as they can damage multiple systems in one shot.

It’s Not a Race
Players might be tempted to get to the end of the sector and warp to the next area right away, and with the looming Rebel army inching its way across the screen it’s understandable. But exploring every area as safely as possible guarantees reaping the maximum amount of rewards from each node. And while exploring too much does run the risk of running into enemies or losing shipmates to the dangers of space,  the rewards are worth it.

Level Up Your Skills
As you crew works on specific parts of the ship they become more proficient at manning those positions. Your gunner will gain experience in firing the weapons granting a bonus to weapon charge time. If a character gets involved in combat frequently they will be better at it than those who don’t. Making sure to level characters in specific areas will make later stages much easier.

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