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About Fallout Shelter

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Genre: Simulation | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Platform: Mobile
Fallout Shelter is a society building simulation available on iOS and, eventually, Android devices. Fallout Shelter is a simple game that brings the fun and madness of the world of the Fallout series to mobile devices.

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout Shelter should interest a wide variety of gamers. The game should attract the many legions of fans that the Fallout franchise already has due to the style of the artwork and the familiar environment. Similarly, due to its nature as a simulation game, it should also appeal to a number of individuals outside of the existing fan-base making this a game for everyone to enjoy.

Fallout Shelter: Core Challenges

Fallout Shelter Tip #1 – Keep Everyone Happy
Whether it is in real life or in a game world, it is important to be happy. And, that’s especially true in this game. Each day, the game gives you a grade on how happy your Dwellers are. Since the different grades determine how many Caps you get it’s important to make sure that everyone is happy. You do that by keeping your Vault running with energy and supplied with plenty of food and water

Fallout Shelter Tip #2 – The Wastelands Are Your Friend
With a name like the Wastelands, you would assume that it would be a pretty bad place. And, while that assumption isn’t wrong, you still shouldn’t avoid the Wastelands. This is one of the best places in the game to get weapons and outfits. However, it can be a hassle to traverse these lands, so remember to pack plenty of Radaway and Stimpacks to make sure that your Dwellers stay alive. Do this and you can find yourself finding plenty of things to equip your Dwellers with.

Fallout Shelter Tip #3 – SPECIAL Stats Make a Difference
In this game, everyone has a chance to be special. That’s because everyone has SPECIAL stats. These stats range from Strength to Luck and everything in-between. These stats are important because they determine what your Dwellers are good at. It also determines what rooms they should work in. As a result, each Dweller’s SPECIAL stats makes a difference on the overall output of the Vault. 

Fallout Shelter: What We Like About It

When a game is built in a universe that is already super popular, it makes it pretty easy to find things to like about the game. As a result, there should be something that everyone can enjoy. These are three of the things we loved most about Fallout Shelter:

The Familiar Universe: As it has been stated before, Fallout Shelter is based in the Fallout universe. That makes it easy to feel at home in the game, which makes it that much easier to enjoy. More than that, veterans of the universe will be able to notice similar elements throughout the game, from the characters and currency, to the weapons and everything else in between. 

The Lunchboxes: If there is one thing in this game that I wish there were more of, it would the Lunchboxes. These are the items in the game that give you everything from the basic necessities to rare weapons and characters. You get these nifty items by completing different quests throughout the game. They are a pretty simple and clever way to help you unlock some pretty cool items.

The Dwellers: The main force behind this game is the Dwellers. They are the workers, the inhabitants and your entertainment as you play the game. From afar, you won’t be able to see much other than them working hard, but if you zoom in on individual rooms, you are able to see some delightful conversation between Dwellers — add in the rare Dwellers you can acquire and you have a pretty awesome group.

Fallout Shelter: Story/Gameplay

Fallout Shelter is simultaneously simple and challenging. The main idea of the game is to maintain a Vault as the Overseer during a nuclear fallout. With your role, you are tasked with deciding where everything goes in your Vault.

When I say everything, I mean everything. You decide where each room goes, and you decide who gets to go in each room. You get to equip the outfits and weapons that each character has and run nearly every aspect of their lives. As a result, you are able to build and destroy the game world and its inhabitants as you design the perfect Vault.

Game-Related FAQ About Fallout Shelter

Why Do Rooms Keep Going Dark?
As the game progresses, there is a chance that you may fall on hard times. When this happens, you will start to run short on all your crucial resources. The resource that will have the biggest impact when it runs short is energy. When your energy starts to run short, rooms will go dark. This is an issue you have to fix quickly because if you don’t then rooms won’t function and things won’t have any chance of getting better.

Throughout this game, you will encounter the Raiders. These enemies are annoying and can end up costing you a lot of Caps if you don’t handle them correctly. Thankfully, they are predictable. In order to stop the Raiders, you need to arm two strong Dwellers and place them in the Vault door room. If the Raiders make it past this point, just send those Dwellers after them until the Raiders are finished. It is really just a game of cat and mouse.

Caps can be used on your Vault. Using Caps, you can build new rooms, upgrade old rooms and, overall, just improve what your Vault is capable of doing. Over time, you may also need to use your Caps to revive Dwellers that perish, but for the most part, Caps are used to improve your Vault and all that it is capable of doing.

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