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About Farm Heroes Saga

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: | Platform: Mobile
The vile Rancid Raccoon is on the loose, and only you can protect all the cropsies from this furry menace and become a hero in your own farming saga.

Another twist on the match three genre from King, the developer responsible for such iconic titles as Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga, the adorable Farm Heroes Saga features 1,000+ levels with consistently increasing difficulty.

From the Diary District to the Badger Burrows, you'll have to carefully use shovels and tractors while growing flowers and hatching eggs to keep the Rancid Raccoon at bay on this game available for PC, Facebook and mobile devices.

Farm Heroes Saga: What We Like The Most

Who knew farming could be so much fun? For fans of match three games, there's a whole lot to love while working through the absurd number of levels in Farm Heroes Saga.

New concepts in familiar gameplay
Rather than going for a high score, each level in Farm Heroes Saga tasks you with matching specific numbers of cropsies – such as 10 strawberries and 10 suns within seven moves. Plenty of twists on the formula appear in successive levels as well, like flowers that must be grown by repeatedly making nearby matches. For a real challenge in forward planning, three eggs are required to form a cracked egg, and three cracked eggs must then be matched to earn a chick.

Casual meets competitive
While match three games are usually thought of as casual, Farm Heroes Saga adds in a competitive element, notifying you whenever you beat a friend's score and making it easy to publish your wins through the game's interface or directly to Facebook.

Achievements and collecting
Giving players a reason to keep trying for better scores and higher levels, Farm Heroes Saga includes both a Farm Club with unlockable animal sets as well as a full achievement system to show off how far you've gone in the game. Earn bragging rights by gifting 100 lives to friends, getting a score of 200,000+ when batting Rancid Racoon, or collecting 12,500 of a specific type of fruit. 

The Basics of Farm Heroes Saga Play

Starting in an unassuming dairy farm, you'll have to master more than just the ability to match up three of the same cute rain drops or onions if you want to reach such faraway farms as Beaver Barricade or Prehistoric Park.

To scare off the Rancid Raccoon and move through the world of Farm Heroes Saga, a player has to master multi-move planning in his farming exploits, like filling a bucket to the brim with water by successfully making matches along any edge of the bucket. For the highest scores, taking advantage of bonus points and boosters like the turbo tractor and egg crusher are absolutely critical.

Farm Heroes Saga: Core Challenges

If you want to harvest the biggest score and show up all your farming friends, be sure to use these Farm Heroes Saga tips and tricks.

1. Lining up bonus combos
Besides just matching together three of the same type of cropsie, Farm Heroes Saga uses a bonus point system where anything surrounding your latest match becomes worth more points. Matching three green apples is fine, but if all three of those apples have a two point bonus, you'll actually earn nine green apples towards your quota instead, which makes a huge difference when there are very few moves available. Bigger matches give more bonus points – matching four in a row for instance gives a two point bonus to surrounding cropsies.

2. Utilizing boosters effectively
When the combos just aren't easy to come by, a booster offering 5 extra moves to win a level can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Using a booster doesn't cost a move, so take advantage of their benefits when on the edge of a losing a level. The magic shovel for instance only removes a single square, but using three shovels in a row can easily set up matches of five or more cropsies.

3. Hero Mode
If you've properly planned ahead and played smart, Hero Mode becomes active when you meet the level's quota but still have several moves left. Keep lining up new combos during Hero Mode to get a much higher score and earn three stars in a level. 

Top User Questions About Farm Heroes Saga

What's the point of the magic beans?  
Farmers earn magic beans by getting higher scores and earning more stars in any given level. While they won't buy you extra lives, you can spend magic beans to get bonuses during boss battles against Rancid Racoon, making it easier to reach the next area of the world map.

What are gold bars for? 
Unlike magic beans, gold bars have to be bought using real world currency, so they offer a much bigger advantage. While boosters regenerate automatically over the period of a full hour, you can instead buy them immediately and avoid the timer by using gold bars. If you run out of lives and don't want to wait to play more, gold bars are also very useful. 

How can I earn more boosters and beans without spending money?  
Collecting full sets of animals by earning a full three stars in various levels will unlock rewards of extra boosters and magic beans. Consistent players who log in each day also get a daily bonus, which steadily builds over the course of a month into very large numbers of bonus beans.

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