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About Forest Mania

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Kan Hong | Platform: Mobile
Taking a stroll through the woods to frolic among the forest creatures just got a lot more complicated, as the villain Freddy Caveman has decided to start bullying the animals and burn down the trees! Those with puzzle solving skills can save the local flora and fauna in Forest Mania, an addictive free-to-play casual game.

Developed by TaoGames Limited, Forest Mania includes more than 500 levels of match-3 game play filled to the brim with cuddly bunnies, smiling mushrooms and clever foxes in need of rescuing from a barbaric caveman on either Facebook or mobile devices.

Forest Mania: What We Like The Most

For family friendly game play that's simple to pick up but challenging to master, you can't go wrong with Forest Mania's animal matching puzzles.

Twists on the genre
The match-3 style of game is a reoccurring gameplay dynamic, but Forest Mania changes the formula by making the animals around your matches come into play as well. Any animals surrounding a matching line will gain a bonus point modifier, which can continue to grow by making more matches on the surrounding animals. Strategically using animals with high point bonuses makes it much easier to reach the goals for any given level.

Rapidly rising challenges
Unlike many casual games, Forest Mania doesn't skimp on the challenge, with some levels reaching downright diabolical difficulties. Utilizing animals with bonus points is essential to beating some levels, as you may need to get rid of 10 of one type of animal but only 4 or 5 show up during the course of the puzzle.

Weekly events
Besides providing a sense of community and a reason to keep logging in, taking part in weekly events provides moon grass, a resource used to buy customized frames for your portrait such as a wreath of forest flowers, crowns and stars or even Christmas themed frames.

The Basics of Forest Mania Play

With hundreds of levels over multiple wooded islands, there's a whole lot of ground to cover while protecting the denizens of the forest from Freddy Caveman. To traverse the Forest Mania map you'll need to learn how to line up large combos of matching animals, with longer strings of animals clearing bigger portions of the puzzle board and granting better bonuses.

You aren't completely unarmed in your journey across the woods either, as you can unlock boosters that will aid your quest. Beating some of the more complex levels requires utilizing the clamp to surgically remove a single animal in the way of a large combo, or calling in the raging rhinoceros to clear out a full row of animals.

Forest Mania: Core Challenges

Think you've mastered every match-3 game out there and none of them can stump you anymore? Think again! These Forest Mania tips and tricks will keep you traveling farther across the world map without losing hearts so you can face off against Freddy Caveman.

1. Learning and utilizing combos
While there aren't the traditional bombs featured in many match-3 games, Forest Mania does still let you build up combos for screen clearing effects. Matching 5 of a single animal for instance clears every animal of that type off board – which is incredibly helpful if you still need to match another 30 monkeys to pass the level. Even more important, however, is learning how to continuously match animals in one area of the board to build up bigger bonuses.

2. Environment challenges
Besides simply matching animals, the environment of the puzzle board often comes into play in both positive and negative ways. Ice blocks for instance should be broken early to make room for more animals to fall down, while combos performed in water squares grant additional bonus points.

3. Boss Fights
More than just a looming background element, the caveman makes an appearance every few levels for a new challenge. Earning super fruit by getting extra stars in normal levels makes the caveman easier to beat in boss fights, so always try to get a full 3 stars on every level before moving on.

Top User Questions About Forest Mania

I'm out of lives! What do I do?  
Add some new friends in the game, as they can donate hearts to you (and you can return the favor down the road), otherwise you can buy more lives with crystals. Unlike many other match-3 type games, Forest Mania also lets you increase your maximum number of hearts above the starting number, so plan ahead.

What's the best booster to use? 
Some boosters are bought with super fruits earned in-game and others with crystals bought via real money, with varying levels of effectiveness. The +1 bonus booster tends to be the most useful, as all required animals in the level will automatically get a bonus. Don't discount the clamp however, as judiciously removing just one animal can lead to a huge combo.

How do I get so many animal combos in just a few moves? 
In levels that only allow a handful of moves but require dozens of animal matches, a combination of both luck and skull is needed. The trick is to examine the whole board and watch to see how a combo on a lower level will potentially create additional combos on higher levels as the animals shift. The more animals you can knockout in a single move, the more likely you'll meet the level's requirements to move on.

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