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About Frozen Free Fall

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Disney | Platform: Mobile
Developed and published by Disney, Frozen Free Fall is a match-3 style puzzle game featuring characters from the Disney hit, Frozen. While the content in the game is violence free and fun, it is unsuitable for children due to how easy it is to spend real money if they aren't careful. The game is available for Android, Windows and iOS for free with available in-app purchases.

Core Challenges Of Frozen Free Fall

While the Frozen Free Fall game is deceptively simple, the difficultly increases after the first 30 levels. You’ll want to have full mastery of all the game's workings by that point.

Clearing Ice And Frost
Some levels in Frozen Free Fall have you clearing ice blocks by making matches beside them; others have frosty tiles you make matches over. After the first thirty levels, they'll start happening together. The best way to succeed on these levels is to combine a line deleting power-up with one of the snowflake power-ups. This will cause many to appear across the board and, depending on the board’s shape, most of the time nearly empties all the frost off the board.

Target Score
Some of the levels tell you that you have to reach a target score. Focus on starting cascades to get points and always aim higher than the score you intend to get. Make sure you make lots of power-ups; these will get automatically used at the end of the level. This boosts your score tremendously.

Time Levels
Some levels in the Frozen Free Fall video game only give you 90 seconds or less to get the target score. The easiest way to boost your score at this speed is to use power-ups, combine them when you can to cause a blizzard effect. You have plenty of time so don't just blindly match things together.

What We Like About Frozen Free Fall

Despite the fact that there are many match 3 games, this one does have some uniqueness to it. Here are my three favorite things about it:

Power-ups in Frozen Free Fall Don't Cancel Each Other Out
In this match three game even when power-ups are deleting the same row they still work. They'll delete the next row that drops when the first power-up finishes. It's a simple thing but makes the game a lot less frustrating. The player can get a lot more points this way.

Spoiler Free Storytelling
The game goes through the story of the Frozen film, but shows it in pictures in the background. You'll be able to see the characters age and change as you play along, but it won't directly tell you the story.

The game has unlockable seasons that change it from frozen to floral and celebrates various holidays. It's a cute little touch and the animations really are top notch as the snow disappears from your frozen kingdom.

Story And Gameplay Of Frozen Free Fall

The Frozen Free Fall game follows the story of the Disney movie Frozen. You play with various companions including Anna and Elsa and even Hans. In each level, you are presented with a different shape match-3 puzzle. Depending on what character you are with you'll have some powers. You can use Anna's torch to melt 8 connected blocks or Olaf's hot chocolate to melt a straight line. You progress across the map by completing these puzzles and can pay to unlock other seasons and the like.

Frozen Free Fall Frequently Asked Questions

What do flames do? 
The flame in Frozen Free Fall is a power-up associated with Anna. You can use it to delete 8 connected blocks. Simply drag your finger along the area that you would like to get rid of and let go. You can do this in shapes, not just straight lines. It's very useful for getting rid of ice layers at the top of the level that prevent blocks from falling.

What is different about the seasons in the game? 
Usually, it is just a skin change. The pictures will change and the color scheme will change, but it will be the same basic game. 

Who are the companions in Frozen Free Fall? 
The companions are members of the cast of Frozen. They include Anna, Elsa, , Hans, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and assorted trolls.

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