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About Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

Don't have Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series?

Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Telltale Games | Platform: PC
Thanks to storytelling developer Telltale Games, now every fan of George R.R. Martin's intrigue-laden epic series A Song Of Ice And Fire can stroll through the gardens of King's Landing while plotting the demise of their enemies and the ascension of their own noble house.

With branching story arcs based on your decisions, Game Of Thrones puts you in control of the Forrester family and lets your actions determine whether they die out in obscurity or take their place as masters of the north. 

You'll get more than a few chances at both outcomes on PC and consoles across these six episodes  for fans of The Wolf Among Us or the episodic version of The Walking Dead.

Game of Thrones: What We Like The Most

Not for the faint of heart, Telltale Games' exploration of Westeros and the lands beyond the Narrow Sea is offered up in true Martin fashion, so be prepared for everyone you love to die, and everyone you love to hate to avoid getting their just punishment.

Seeing the world from a different viewpoint
The Forresters have their own struggles and inter-family conflict independent from the larger war of the five kings occurring at this point in the storyline, so not only do you get more of everything the Game Of Thrones series is famous for, but you get to experience major plot points from the standpoint of very different characters.

Mix of intrigue and combat
Should you trust the sneaky urchin who passed you a secret message? Is immediate revenge now more desirable than long term gains? Game Of Thrones forces you to constantly decide between very difficult choices, and most of them have unintended outcomes. When words fail, swords are also frequently drawn and arrows fired in a balance of dialog and combat.

Taking the opportunity to steal an unattended key or deciding who is going to run the day-to-day matters of your house will lead to massive consequences down the line as alliances shift and war breaks out.

The Basics of Game of Thrones Play

The Forresters, proud bannermen to the noble but ill-fated Starks, take a huge blow in opening episode Iron From Ice as Game Of Thrones forces you to survive the Red Wedding and make it home, only to discover things are going even worse there.

To preserve the Forrester's mastery over the ironwood groves and save them from annihilation at the hands of the Whitehills you'll have to learn when to act, when to keep your mouth shut and when a well-placed fist to the gut will get your point across the strongest.

Game of Thrones: Core Challenges

From the viper's nest that is the court at King's Landing to the open warfare occurring in the city states across the Narrow Sea, surviving in Game Of Thrones will take both guile and a swift sword arm.

1. Swordplay and archery
Besides potentially deadly politics, this episodic series includes plenty of unexpected combat that require you to quickly slide the sticks or tap a button without warning. Always be on your toes or you'll find yourself quickly skewered by a spear or missing an opportunity to impress a potential ally.

2. Your allies are just as dangerous as your friends
Keep in mind that everyone's going to double cross you at some point, so always stay on the good side of the person at the top of the totem pole rather than just the person you are currently scheming with. Every choice you make is going to upset someone, there's no avoiding that, so balance your own personal safety against the survival of your house.

3. Knowing when to push and when to relax
There is a very careful balancing act to undertake as there are times to press your advantage and go on the offensive against the Whitehills, and times when you should let insults slide without response. Take into account a character's personality based on what you know from the show: Cersei for example wants to be pandered to (she is the queen after all), but she also respects guile rather than outright fawning or answers that are obviously what she wants to hear.

Top User Questions About Game of Thrones

Is there a regular release schedule? 
Alas, no. Telltale Games releases each episode when its ready and not on a specific schedule planned ahead. While each new episode tends to be released around two months apart, there have been times when new episodes arrive quicker or more slowly than that. The developer doesn't usually announce new content ahead of time either, instead letting players know with only about a day's advance notice that a new episode is about to drop.

Does this game feature the actual actors from the show? 
It sure does, so don't worry about hearing a knock-off Tyrion or Cersei Lannister. Peter Dinklage reprises his role as the quick-thinking dwarf who always finds himself in hot water, Lena Heady is as conniving and evil as ever and Natalie Dormer provides her same seductive purr as in the HBO series.

Can I change the canon storyline? 
Nope, so don't even bother trying to kill Ramsay Snow, no matter how much you want to. That being said, most of the story focuses on characters who aren't part of the books, so there's plenty of opportunity to change outcomes and decide the fate of both individuals and whole families.

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