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About Game of War: Fire Age

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Machine Zone | Platform: Mobile
Chances are you will have seen the busty kate upton advertising this new game from machine zone, a mixture of Game of Thrones, Sim City, Clash of Clans and certainly a feeling of settlers.

With a budget of over 40 million dollars were bound to see an outstanding game right? Well from the outset it’s a game that will either entice you to the point of addiction or put you off, the premise is simple: Build and upgrade your city and go on quests and wars with your armies. While the formula has been done many times with varying success Game of War swamps you with a refined and complex system of city building and warfare, it makes Clash of Clans seem positively simple in comparison.

Its that complexity that so many crave that will put off a lot of casual gamers, it takes time and a lot of strategic thinking to effectively build up your city and armies to compete with other players or fight within an alliance. All of this gives mobile devices some sorely needed hardcore strategy.

What We Like The Most About Game of War: Fire Age

Clean crisp and polished interface
With so many free to play strategy games on the market it’s hard to make an impact or show something new. Game of War doesn’t re-invent the wheel it just makes what we have grown to love easier to do with intuitive controls and easy to use menus.

Fighting alongside fellow players in alliances actually makes a difference
In so many mobile MMO games the interaction with fellow gamers is cripplingly limited and generally just means you get to attack them. In Game of War alliances are key, they help you build faster, attack harder, take on joint quests and truly feel part of a team.

You won’t realize your addicted until a friend points out you’ve checked your phone every 30 minutes at work
When you start playing Game of War: Fire Age you will be fooled into thinking it’s a slow burner taking days to upgrade and collect resources to slowly build up your empire. Somehow your constantly checking on the progress of your mines, collecting resources or scheming with your alliance friends on the next big attack, be warned it will eat your time.

The Basics of Game of War: Fire Age

When you first open up Game of War your guided through the basics by the face of the brand kate upton as AthenaYou will need to build farms to feed your people, barracks to train your troops, quarry’s to mine for stone and the list goes on and on. Basically you need to build a supply chain of buildings turning raw materials into usable items to either feed and entertain your people or arm and train your troops. After the tutorial, buildings will have countdown timers until they are done much like in Clash of Clans and also much like Clash of Clans the higher level the building the longer it will take, but for completing quests or by paying real money you can buy boosters that reduce the time needed to upgrade or build. Once you have a fully working city your initial 24hr shield given to you by Athena will run out. Then your city will be vulnerable to attack, you will however also be able to attack other places or players at this time as well.

Game of War: Core Challenges

With so much happening in this game it’s very important to know where your priorities should be focused.

1. Keep your people alive and happy
It may seem like an obvious thing but it’s all too easy to get carried away attacking with your vast armies to realize your city is starving to death. Focus on upgrading your farms and resource buildings as much as possible and the rest will fall into place.

2. Managing your troops
Even in the early game troops and heroes have multiple options and research trees so try to focus your efforts on 1 type of combat rather than blanket upgrading everything.

3. Diplomacy
Your city may be the envy of Rome itself and your armies larger than counting but it won’t matter at all if all your neighbors attack at once or a group of players descend upon your city. Try to make peace with neighbors to give you extra breathing room and join an alliance to help boost your city and get reinforcements when you need it most.

Top User Questions About Game of War: Fire Age

Is there a way to retire troops? 
Want to get rid of your old troops so you can level up or for any other reason? There is an option that’s often overlooked, go into your barracks and select the troop type you wish to dismiss, then click on stats, the option is now available to you, do be aware you will lose power from dismissing your troops but this can sometimes be a good tradeoff to level up while having enough resources to move ahead.

How many X buildings should I have? 
One of the most common questions we get is how many mines or quarry’s etc you should have to create the perfect setup, there are a total of 25 tiles outside your city and while picking the buildings inside is mostly self-explanatory the outside is the key to your stratagems. It all depends on how you want to build your city and what your combat focus will be on, but a good all-rounder setup would be 10 farms, 3 gold mines, 4 quarries and 4 logging camps, this will keep your food and resources flowing and allow you to recover quickly after your city is destroyed (it will happen).

How can I get a big boost in power early on? 
So another very common question is how to get a big boost early on to give you an edge over other players, the fastest and easiest way to do this is to build 10 of each resource building, this will give you the quest rewards for each building type bumping your resources up by around 100,000 each and adding 25,000 hero experience.
Now the first thing your thinking is “but I don’t have 40 tiles available to use” which is true. To get this boost you will need to build 10 of let’s say the gold mines , get the reward associated with them then deconstruct them and start again with quarries and keep going till you have all 4 rewards.  It’s a little sneaky sure but no one ever said war was fair. 

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