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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: WB Games | Platform: PC
Gauntlet is developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by WB Interactive.  Originally released September 23, 2014, this was a remake of the original 80's arcade classic of the same name.  You control up to four players to survive a massive dungeon filled with waves of enemies, ranging from ghosts to mummies, demons, orcs, even Death itself, working together to raid food for health and loot for gold.  But this time you and your allies must take advantage of your character's new abilities and other complexities to survive, and in a Gauntlet that is decidedly more brutal and beastly than it was the first time around.

Core Challenges of Gauntlet

This game will not only bring the Gauntlet gameplay straight from the classic original (darn you, Death!), but up the ante with some new challenges, such as below.

Tricky Traps and Perilous Puzzles
The dungeons don't just have mobs of monsters anymore.  This time around they have everything booby-trap spikes in the floors to block-pushing puzzles you must figure out, walls you may have to destroy, and more.  You must bring your wits along with your twitch reactions this time.

Power Abilities
The original Gauntlet was essentially a top-down twitch shooter, but this time only two of the characters are ranged, and one, the Wizard, requires mastering his complex spell abilities to do so.  The other two classes are melee-only, and require skill to pull off lest you get overwhelmed, like the Valkyrie's dash attack.
Monster Madness
Gauntlet's key appeal was the wave of enemies to overcome and that's definitely the case here.  If you are playing solo, you will really need to be on your A-game to avoid getting run over by the hordes, especially on high difficulties.  Co-op is much easier, except you need to watch for accidentally getting in each other's way (or for those "allies" that MEANT to do it!).

What We Like Most About Gauntlet

This version of Gauntlet  retains a lot of the classic co-op charm of the original (either work with your friends to crush the huge monster hordes, or screw them over by stealing loot and shooting food they need!).  But there's plenty of new features to take advantage of, such as below.

Got the skills
This time around, the four characters you can select from have more differences and complexity than just health and projectile type.  They all now have unique abilities with cool-down and other complexities you must master to survive, such as the Valkyrie's boomerang shield attack or the Wizard's spell combos.

Deadly dungeons
The dungeons and their monstrous occupants are also more varied.  There's plenty of enemy variety, such as giant orcs with sweeping club attacks, fireball-spamming flying demons, and kamikaze exploding mummies.  There's also new dungeon elements such as explosive barrels you can detonate to blow up enemies or weak walls.

This is definitely a darker version compared to the original Gauntlet.  Heads will fly off from decapitations, bodies bisected or even blown to bloody chunks, and the rooms will be literally bathed in blood by the time some of the battles are finished.  This isn't your 80's dad's Gauntlet!

The Story and Gameplay of Gauntlet

Four powerful warriors, Thor the Warrior (who possesses crushing might), Thyra the Valkyrie (durable yet skilled figther), Questor the Elf (sharpshooter with unlimited arrows), and Merlin the Wizard (a lethal magician) are challenged to survive the trial of Morak, an all-powerful sorcerer who controls the Gauntlet.  If the challengers survive and bring Morak the three Lost Shards of Tyrfing, he will grant them immense power and wealth beyond anything they could have imagined.  This time around, unlike the original games, the individual characters have backstories for taking on the challenge, such as Thyra wanting to use Morak's reward to avenge her friend, Laurel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gauntlet

Who's a good character choice for new players? 
Arguably the Elf, as he plays as a "two-stick gunner" character, similar to the games Robotron 2084 and Smash TV.  You can just kite the monster mobs around, mowing them down easily as they chase you, and he has great extra abilities such as bombs he can set to blow up crowds and monster generators, sniper shots to take down power enemies from afar, and a good dodge roll.  Take advantage of the environment with him, like shooting explosive barrels from afar and firing from high ground.

What do potions do this game? 
In the original game they were simply a usable "smart bomb" that cleared the screen of enemies.  Now they can be used more strategically to power up relics, granting effects like buffing up your character's stats or summoning a familiar to help you.  Use them wisely! 

How do I kill "Death"?? 
In the original game you could use the "smart bomb" potions to kill Death himself, but now Death is completely invincible and kills you instantly when you get close to him, so run like heck and don't let monsters (or your allies) get in the way!

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