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About Goat Simulator

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Genre: Simulation | Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios | Platform: Mobile
Developer Coffee Stain Studios’ bizarre Goat Simulator saw its genesis during a studio-wide game jam a few years back. They posted videos of their creation online, and fans begged to play it for themselves. Coffee Stain listened, and in April 2014, they released Goat Simulator for the PC

At the time, the developers openly advised customers to spend their money elsewhere, but their tongue-in-cheek warnings only increased the game’s sales. Now in 2015, Goat Simulator enjoys nearly universal appreciation on PC, and it has even been released on mobile and iOS platforms, as well as both Microsoft consoles.

Core Challenges of Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is a pile of fun, but it might not actually be a “game” in the normal sense of the word. When you hit start for the first time, you are dropped into a suburban neighborhood populated mostly with hazards such as a construction site and a swimming pool filled with trampolines instead of water. What do you do there? The pause menu offers a few ideas in the form of objectives such as jumping a certain height, but the true fun of the experience is simply finding out what you can do on your own.

Some versions of the game include a broad and amusing list of achievements to unlock—the Steam version currently lists 87—and they pop up with satisfying regularity. But do not expect any hints or guidance. The conditions for unlocking them can be unintuitive, arbitrary, and possibly frustrating to dedicated achievement hunters. However, there is great satisfaction to be had in simply experimenting. After about ten minutes in the world of Goat Simulator, you will think you’ve got a grip on what kinds of activities are possible. And after about 11 minutes, you will understand how hilariously wrong you were.

What We Like About Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator represents all that is right and good with indie games. It wears its weirdness not so much as a badge, but as a whole shining suit of armor. Here is just a sample of the delights awaiting players.

Humor: Goat Simulator begins with the assumption that goats are funny simply because they exist, and it builds upon that foundation. The ridiculous ragdoll physics, the ability to lick objects and drag them around with a rubbery 20-foot tongue, the over-the-top sound effects — everything is built with an eye to the comically absurd, and it all works very well.

Rampant Satanism: Goats feature prominently in satanic iconography and rituals—at least on TV and in video games—and the minds behind Goat Simulator couldn’t be happier about it. There are pentagrams of power to find and hidden halls of silent goat worshippers to enslave. Delve into the dark arts and your goat avatar gains unspeakable powers such as the ability to fly and a new, terrifying scream in place of the regular bleat.

The BOOOMS: Goat Simulator is basically Just Cause, but starring a goat instead of a dude. Objects in the game explode into massive fireballs at the slightest provocation, often launching you halfway across the map in the process. Never gets old.

Story And Gameplay of Goat Simulator

You can run, jump, lick, head-butt, kick, and bleat in Goat Simulator. Every action adds points to a multiplier, and the longer your “combo,” the more points you receive. Midair tricks are also tied to the point system, and you can flip around in the air like a four-legged Tony Hawk. Of all the gameplay mechanics, the tongue is probably the most unique. Lick a person or small object, and it will bounce along behind you. Lick a larger object like a moving car and it will drag you around until you let go. The point system and level layout encourage you to mix these skills to create as much mayhem as possible.

Goat Simulator Frequently Asked Questions

Do different Goat Simulator versions have different content? 
The full PC/Mac version contains two sandbox levels and a separate “Goat Simulator MMO,” which is basically a series of ridiculous fights and item quests. There are other real players running around too, and you can participate in chat or just head-butt them for fun. The mobile Goat Simulator versions let you play in one level only, but it’s large and packed with things to do. Consoles and PC feature controller support, while mobile and iOS versions use touch controls.

Is there a multiplayer component? 
Aside from the Goat Simulator MMO, which is currently exclusive to PC and Mac, Goat Simulator is a single-player experience. However, all versions allow you to post scores to online leaderboards.

Are mods enabled in all versions? 
As you would expect, the mod community had a field day with Goat Simulator. So far, the PC and Mac versions are the only ones to support mods. But don’t worry; consoles and mobile editions still contain enough fun bugs and glitches to keep you entertained for a long time.

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