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About Grand Theft Auto V

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Rockstar North | Platform: PC
The flagship entry from Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto's fifth iteration offers a whole new take on the open world, sandbox game play the infamous series is known for.

Featuring both first and third person views as well as multiple playable protagonists this time around, Grand Theft Auto V brings an unlikely crew of both white and blue collar criminals together to earn a living in the cut throat city of Los Santos.

GTA 5 continues the series’ characteristic dark humor, crazy characters and opportunities for explosive mayhem on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

Grand Theft Auto V: What We Like The Most

Whether planning out elaborate jewelry store heists, spending some hard earned cash for a double dance at the strip club or upgrading stolen sports cars, there's no shortage of fun to be had while wreaking havoc across Los Santos.

Stealthy or guns blazing
Unlike previous entries in the series, there are now legitimately multiple ways to complete missions, sneaking your way through a building with a melee weapon rather than running around wildly firing an automatic weapon is actually a viable option.

Multiple characters
In a change from the franchise's typical mode of operation, there are three main characters in GTA 5, each with different motivations, skills and back-stories to explore. Switching between the characters is as simple as pulling up a scroll wheel and selecting whether you want to play as a down on his luck banger, a pot bellied meth head with a desire for revenge or a suburban dad/former bank robber who faked his own death.

Online mode
If you think the single player story missions are wild, prepare for absolute mayhem and anarchy with GTA V's multiplayer online mode. Sure, there might be a group of criminals willing to help you rob a bank, but there's just as likely to be someone camping at the end of the street in a tank waiting to blow your band of misfit bank robbers to smithereens.

The Basics of Grand Theft Auto V Play

In a city as unforgiving and image-obsessed as Los Santos, turning to a life of crime is often the only way to get ahead, although its also likely to get a price put on your head by angry Mexican cartel bosses.

Living the American dream while staying out of jail requires careful planning of who to trust while running jobs, increasing your driving and athletic skills for quick getaways and of course having either a whole lot of ammo on hand or a steady, practiced aim when a smash and grab job inevitably goes south.

Grand Theft Auto V: Core Challenges

Making it as a fledgling criminal mastermind is no easy task when everyone wants a big cut of the pie and people on both sides of the law are eager to gun you down. These Grand Theft Auto 5 tips will keep you alive to rob another day.

1. Heists
Beyond the simple theft missions from previous GTA games, this time around are much more in-depth, requiring a player to decide on multiple plans of actions, steal cars and equipment beforehand and recruit reliable crew members. While the most professional criminals take the biggest cut, you'll actually end up losing less money by hiring the best rather than using second-rate burglars who will get busted.

2. Increasing skills
Each of the game's three characters has their own set of skill levels, affecting how well they aim and reload, how smoothly vehicles handle and how far they can run before losing stamina. Always spend time between missions upgrading your skills by performing fancy tricks in cars and running around tracks to be the most prepared for any given situation.

3. Gunfights and car chases
Even the most meticulously prepared plan will eventually go sidewise, and that's when its time to put the pedal to the metal and pull out the automatic weapons. Always take the time to find a good vantage point and fire from cover, and when being chased by angry mobsters, don't forget that shooting out their tires is more effective than simply outrunning them.

Top User Questions About Grand Theft Auto V

How do I earn RP? 
GTA 5's online mode includes a leveling system through reputation points, and raising your reputation rank unlocks new abilities and weapons to use in heists or against other players. To gain RP, earn a wanted level and then outrun the cops, complete any of the instanced jobs that appear on the map, deliver stolen cars to Simeon or locate crate drops.

Why can't I lose the cops?  
The method for losing your wanted level in GTA 5 has changed from previous entries, with both more options and more ways to get caught. Check the mini-map at the corner of the screen to see the line of sight of each cop car, and when outside that radius quickly ditch your current vehicle and steal a new car. Hiding in back alleys or underneath overpasses just outside a cop's line of sight is also a useful strategy.

What's passive mode?  
As much fun as online mode can be, sometimes a felon on the loose just wants to walk to the local Ammu-nation without getting sniped from the building across the street. Passive mode prevents you from accessing your weapon wheel, and further prevents anyone else from shooting at you. There's a cool down period after turning passive mode off before you can bring out a weapon however, and passive mode ends immediately if you get in a vehicle.

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