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About Guild Wars 2

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: NCsoft | Platform: PC
Putting innovative spins on many of the massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre standards, Guild Wars 2 features a persistent world to explore with no monthly subscription fee.

Developed by ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 takes place in the fantasy world of Tyria, where adventurers are needed to bring together many diverse races and reform the Destiny's Edge guild to stave off global destruction at the claws of the elder dragons.

Striking a balance between serious and humorous, adventuring in Tyria will keep a player busy with everything from assisting a scientist in catapulting live cows to defending siege equipment from ghostly warriors while trying to conquer a haunted city.

Guild Wars 2: What We Like The Most

With bi-weekly content additions, varied races outside traditional fantasy fare and a built-in achievement system, Guild Wars 2 features a host of reasons to keep logging in every day even after reaching the level cap.

Solo play
Although it might seem an odd thing to praise in MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 is easily among the most solo-able multiplayer games available. A personal story is crafted around every character with linked quests, leading them from unknown newbie to world-shaking veteran.

Keeping the game challenging no matter where you end up exploring, Guild Wars 2 automatically scales a character's level down when venturing through lower level areas. Even after reaching level 80, a character will still find new challenges worth undertaking in any given dungeon.

Ready-to-play events and quests readily populate all areas of Tyria, making you feel like a living part of the Guild Wars 2 game world and providing a sense of wonder while exploring mountain tops, diving under rivers and protecting locals from monstrous threats.

The Basics of Guild Wars 2 Play

Encouraging large-scale exploration, each area in Guild Wars 2 includes unique points of interest and places to earn renown, as well as frequent waypoints that are used to instantly teleport across the game world in exchange for a few hard-earned coins. 

While traveling across Tyria an adventurer will find no shortage of exciting events to join with other players that provide the opportunity to earn laurels, karma and gold pieces. While rising through the level progression and earning new skills to put to use in combat, a character can also extensively customize clothing and work towards purchasing cultural weapons and high-level ascended equipment.

Guild Wars 2: Core Challenges

Saving Tyria from monstrous elder dragons requires adventurers to hone their skills and reach the peak of their capabilities. With these Guild Wars 2 strategies in mind you'll stay alive long enough to outfit your character with the best weapons and armor and even dominate in world vs. world matches against other players.

1. Defeating bosses
Every Guild Wars 2 map features both constantly available and timed events with difficult bosses that offer some of the most rewarding loot. To stay alive, keep yourself out of the line of fire from devastating attacks by making use of the active dodge ability, and make sure to use the status affecting abilities of your class, such as paralyzing or poisoning. For the biggest bosses, don't forget to recruit a few fellow adventurers to keep the heat off your character. 

With eight different types of crafting available, from cooking to armor smithing and even making jewelry, crafting alone can keep a character busy for hours. Gathering ingredients and discovering new recipes is time-consuming, but increasing your craft experience can be very lucrative, both in making money from selling off your creations and in creating useful stat-boosting items.

3. Jumping Puzzles
Although not strictly required to make it to end game content, the hidden jumping quests scattered throughout Tyria lead to breathtakingly beautiful vistas and reward a persistent player with high quality equipment and craft components. Unlike other challenges in Guild Wars 2, these can't be overcome through force of arms and require practiced patience to time jumps correctly and reach out-of-the-way locations.

Top User Questions About Guild Wars 2

How do I get the best equipment in Guild Wars 2? 
While simply joining events and finishing quests in various areas will net you a decent amount of loot, completing the daily challenges and earning reward chests is a far more efficient means of quickly gaining large amounts of money, laurels and karma for buying the best equipment.

How do I get all those awesome outfits everyone else has?  
Customizing each aspect of your character to get the perfect look is a major component of Guild Wars 2, but buying all of the staggering number of dyes through the Black Lion Trading Post quickly becomes expensive. Dyes are occasionally rewarded after finishing quests or in random drops, but a more reliable way to expand your dye collection is through crafting. Although many recipes give a randomized dye rather than the specific color you are looking for, crafting new dyes on your own is significantly cheaper.

Is this a “pay to win” game? 
Even without spending real world money, any player will be capable of reaching the level cap and competing against other players. In Guild Wars 2 the gems available for purchase with real money are used solely for convenience boosts, such as gaining higher experience for a short time, or for further altering a character's cosmetic appearance.

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