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About Hay Day

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Supercell | Platform: Mobile
Hay Day is a popular mobile game created by Supercell, who’s also made such games as Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Hay Day is a very simple and child-friendly farming simulator video game. It is a casual, but fun resource collecting game with lots of levels and things to unlock. It is cartoony and makes a point of not harming any of the animals in the game, even when collecting things such as bacon. Hay Day is pretty similar to Farmville, but has the same art style of Supercell's previous games. It is a freemium mobile game available for Android and iOS.

Hay Day Strategy: Core Challenges

Hay Day becomes increasingly more difficult the further you progress. Efficiency becomes important for moving forward quickly. Here are a few tips and strategies for getting ahead in the game.

Timing Crops and Production: For maximum efficiency plant the most time-consuming crops when you are leaving the game. Harvest them when you first log on and then plant the least time-consuming ones while you harvest everything else. Apply this strategy to all your productions and you'll be able to get more done in 10 minutes than other players do in an hour.

Grow For Experience Not For Profit: To gain experience quickly in Hay Day, focus on growing wheat since this takes the shortest time to grow. This will quickly cause your silo to fill up, so once you unlock the roadside shop start selling it 10 for 1 coin. This way, you'll have more space to farm experience. Don't worry about neglecting everything else; having more experience will inevitably be more beneficial to you.

Pro-Merchant Tips: Selling your produce cheaply makes players more likely to bookmark your farm in Hay Day. Follow other players to gain more slots to sell items. Fill your shop and place an ad on your best value item. When players click the ad they will be taken to your shop anyway so there is no need to pay for additional advertising. Products that are time-consuming to make are worth more, attract attention by selling things like animal feed rather than crops.

Hay Day: What We Like Most About It

Farming simulators are common in the casual mobile game world, but I can think of three reasons why Hay Day stands out among them.

No Starvation or Decay: Unlike other farming simulator games, Hay Day doesn't force you to return to the game to feed your animals etc. There are no consequences for failing to collect produce in a timely fashion.

You Don't Have To Bribe The Game To Get Ahead: Hay Day's premium currency isn't vital to gameplay and can be earn through additional tasks. It also doesn't force you to invite Facebook friends to help you.

The Graphics: Hay Day contains very detailed environments with added effects like being able to splash in the water. Butterflies and foxes will frequently wander onto your land and your animals often have comical reactions to your interactions with them. The game is colorful and the pan and zoom feature makes the environment seem very large and impressive.

The Basics Of Hay Day

The storyline of Hay Day is very simple. One day you receive a letter from your uncle telling you that he plans to retire and that his large estate and farm are yours if you want it. Naturally, you abandon you cushy city lifestyle and head to the countryside to become the best farmer ever.

The gameplay consists entirely of doing farmyard chores such as harvesting crops and feeding animals. You may also sell your produce to other players and NPCs and complete deliveries later in the game. As you progress more items become available. Each item forces you to divide your resources further in order to create produce.

The games only real objectives are to gain experience and grow your farm. You can also work toward a number of achievements such as spending x amount of money on decorating your farm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hay Day

How To I Get Duct Tape/Nails/Planks?
These items are used to increase your storage space and are very rare. You may find them while harvesting crops, spinning the lucky wheel or opening treasure chests. You can also purchase them from other players via the newspaper.

What Do Foxes Do?
Contrary to popular opinion the foxes will not eat your chickens. They are merely decorative and appear on your land when a treasure box is present to help let you know.

What Are Cats And Dogs For?
Cats and Dogs are used to farm experience. You gain 30 experience points every time you feed them. They can only be fed once every few hours, but if you have enough of them they make for a valuable source of XP. Cats require milk and dogs require bacon for food.

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