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About Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Genre: Collectible Card | Publisher: Blizzard | Platform: Mobile
Crafted from the depths of Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free card battle video game where players worldwide collect unique monsters, spells, and weapons through several modes of competition. 

Devout players from the World of Warcraft series will meet familiar faces from the common Murloc Raider to the scourge of Deathwing, while gamers of all varieties of strategy games will discover a diverse set of challenges and objectives on a daily basis. With an expansive lore trailing over ten years and an inviting, yet daunting, game system, new Hearthstone players will be interested to learn where they should begin! Sit tight, as we’re about to go through a crash course on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Basic Gameplay

Before going into the multiple Hearthstone modes and strategies, most beginners should understand the typical gameplay in Hearthstone, especially for those new to card games. You will construct a deck to compete against an opponent, either computer or online, in attempts to lower the enemy’s life points from 30 to 0. 

Winning and completing daily Hearthstone objectives will allow players to receive gold, which, in turn, can be spent to enter new modes and buy a card pack, rewarding the gamer with five cards to add to their collection! From the most common of neutral cards to the powerful legendary minions, Hearthstone is a game that focuses strategy and concentration with the World of Warcraft lore.

Hearthstone: What We Like the Most

With a game that is constantly growing with new cards, expansions, and modes, we’ve managed to simplify what we believe makes the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft game worth playing:

Evolving Strategies
With nine classes of deck types, the amount of possibilities for decks are endless. The main strategy of your Hearthstone game is to discover what type of deck you would like to play (handlock, rush, control) while predicting and planning each turn carefully. But don’t fret if you are new — most beginner decks still have potential to win any game so long as you manipulate the board accordingly.

Friendly Community
Hearthstone is distinctive in their execution of limiting toxic behaviors present in large gaming communities. Since standard player communication is through fixed dialogue choices, including ‘Well Played,’ ‘Sorry,’ and ‘Greetings,’ there is little rude and vulgar messages being sent to players during the game. Don’t be surprised when recent players friend you and congratulate on your victory and deck!

While typical games will range from standard computer versus player and online competitive games, Hearthstone has recently been adding new and exciting modes to test gamers’ abilities to overcome new challenges! In the Hearthstone arena, players will randomly select 30 cards to create a brand new deck against equal players to reap great rewards. Adventure modes allows the players to relive popular raids and collect exclusive cards for additional fights. Recently, Hearthstone added biweekly challenges in Tavern Brawl, allowing the original rules to be altered to create a range of new strategies!

Hearthstone Strategies: Core Challenges

Since the Hearthstone community is sensitive and flexible to new information, it is important for beginners to receive crucial tips and strategies to create a powerful deck. Here are the three most important tactics to approach this game:

Regardless of the deck type you choose, whether you like to control the board or hit the player directly, your Hearthstone deck should have a ‘mana curve’ towards your playstyle. Simply, the cards that you are looking for each turn and each situation should statistically fall in line with your gameplay. For example, you can pack your deck with powerful 6-7 mana monsters, but if you have a poor hand, you will be unlikely to play them until five turns pass, allowing most opponent’s decks to defeat you easily. When creating your Hearthstone game deck, check your mana cost to be in a form of a curve for maximum potential.

Work with Your Hero Ability
Many beginners may look at Warlock’s hero ability (Take 2 damage, draw 1 card) is think its inferior to Priest’s ability (Heal 2 points to character). But be aware that many Warlock card are inherently powerful when played while the Priest’s abilities can be futile when they have no monsters on the board! Don’t ignore your class’ potential just because of the unique spells or monsters available! Coordinate your strategies with the hero power, not against them.

Learn the Metagame
Along with any popular strategic game, Hearthstone’s community is incredibly reactive to new and effective deck ideas. Notice which cards are played with which decks that will give you clues as to the opponent’s strategy. Predicting an enemy’s deck will be effective Hearthstone strategy to counter and save cards until the right time!

Top User Questions for Hearthstone

When should I enter ranked, arena, adventure, or tavern brawl?
With several Hearthstone modes opening up, beginners should take some modes early while waiting on others. Specifically, it is recommended to play on ranked mode to be matched with an opponent on equal grounds. Likewise, saving up gold for adventure mode is a must, as several reward cards are frequently used, even with professional gamers. Beginners may also try tavern brawl events, although understanding the basics of cards will assist immensely. By all means, arena should be avoided until players become familiar with singling out excellent card from weaker ones.

What Hearthstone cards should I consider crafting?
Although expensive, gamers should be crafting epic or legendary cards over rare and common, especially since every pack you open will have a few common and one rare card (or better) guaranteed. As you continue collecting and ‘disenchanting,’ or destroying duplicate cards to spend on new cards, the price of receiving an incredibly powerful minion or spell is far better than that of creating rare cards that you will likely have when you open your next card pack.

Should I buy card packs with real money?
A tricky question, since this is subjective as to what cards you want and what cards you currently have. Buying large amounts of packs will likely give you a legendary or epic card you can disenchant and use for another card you are looking for. That said, plenty of users have used starter decks and still can win several games with the correct plays and Hearthstone strategies. If you are looking for a specific card, however, it is largely recommended to wait and disenchant duplicate cards rather than expand your collection with additional cards you do not need.

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