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About Heroes of the Storm

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Blizzard | Platform: PC
Taking a break from finishing the final expansion to Starcraft 2, Blizzard Entertainment finally entered the world of fast-paced, free-to-play online games with Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard's foray into the MOBA gaming craze crosses genre boundaries by combining the powerhouse series Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft into one sci-fi / fantasy combat extravaganza where space marines in power armor collide with lightning bolt flinging angels and giant undead monstrosities.

With balanced game play and hordes of different characters to cover every play style, Heroes of the Storm offers plenty of reasons to keep logging in every day, whether you want to unlock new portraits and skins or just get together with a group of friends and lay waste to your enemies.

Heroes of the Storm: What We Like The Most

Giving the best of all worlds, there's an undeniable appeal in Heroes of The Storm of mixing your favorite games together by having cloaked ghosts sniping at horseback riding necromancers in multiplayer mayhem.

A collision of worlds
Who hasn't dreamed of a Blizzard crossover universe? Heroes of the Storm finally delivers, as you can engage in battle as Nova shooting down the Lich King or the Lord of Terror eviscerating sarcastic rebel James Raynor. Taking that idea even further, the game features wide customization by unlocking or buying skins, which can completely change a characters look, turning Diablo into an angel or Tyrael into a demon.

Nostalgia meets modern game play
The cartoonish graphics of Warcraft 3 get a serious overhaul into the revamped 3D style of Starcraft 2, along with some gorgeous backgrounds featuring a painted effect, all combining together into a game that both looks great and has stellar game play.

Balanced play
The tide of any round can shift easily, so even a team that appears to be on the cusp of defeat can rally and seize victory if you work as a team. Much like with the lauded Starcraft 2 multiplayer, Heroes of the Storm requires skill to master but is balanced enough that anyone can learn to dominate in the game.

The Basics of Heroes of the Storm Play

Every match is a battle for dominance in Heroes of the Storm as one group of five heroic (or villainous) players take on an evenly matched opposing team, balanced between a wide range of character roles covering the assassin, warrior, support and specialist options.

In classic MOBA game play, every map features three lanes to move through, forcing a squad of five people to strategically use minions to try to take down enemy towers and make it to the far end of the map while also keeping your own towers safe from harm.

Heroes of the Storm: Core Challenges

Maintaining the health of your team's core while trying to bludgeon or blow up the enemy team's core is no easy task, but these Heroes of the Storm strategies will lead you to victory.

1. Lane control
Never leave a lane undefended – that's a sure fire way to get your defenses quickly swarmed and leave your core in danger. On the flip side, if the enemy team has been foolish enough to focus solely on only or two lanes, turn their bad decision into your easy win by rushing to the undefended area.

2. Strategic use of special abilities
Filling a party with all assassins or warriors will leave you with serious gaps in your abilities. Always strive for a balanced team with support, ranged and melee combat powers. Don't immediately use your abilities as soon as they become available either, but instead time cool downs and utilize powers in tandem with fellow members of your team. Always take the time to properly position yourself to use line and area abilities for maximum effect.

3. Learning when to advance
Knowing when to push your advantage and move forward and when its a better idea to activate the hearthstone and return to the Hall of Storms to defend your strategic assets is key to winning a match. Don't be shy about returning to a healing pool or falling back to regroup and push the attack later.

Top User Questions About Heroes of the Storm

How do I stay alive long enough to help my team? 
Make effective use of minions – always let them soak the brunt of the damage and don't rush ahead without them. Dying doesn't just deprive the team of an ally, it gives the enemy experience and increases their abilities, so if you keep getting killed, take some time away from the lanes and head into the jungle to recruit mercenaries to help out.

How do I get back into the fight faster after respawning? 
Don't forget to make use your mount. You can't attack from horseback, but it will get you where you need to go much quicker so your allies aren't left alone in the heat of battle.

What's the best hero to play? 
Because each hero has different abilities that can counter any other, there really isn't one best hero. You should focus on the best possible build for every hero by picking skills that work well together and will help your team. For instance, the free character Brightwing can be built over time as a very solid support healer, or you can instead go for a more aggressive build  that pushes enemies away from your structures and lowers their defenses so you can go in for the kill.

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