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About I am Bread

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Genre: Simulation | Publisher: Bossa Studios | Platform: PC
I Am Bread is a simulation game that puts you in control of a slice of bread, whose sole objective is to become delicious toast.

Developed by Bossa Studios, this unique third-person adventure game sets the player in an average, suburban household environment. Primarily, the game limits players to four primary buttons for movement, allowing total control over each of the four corners of their bread. The player will then need to climb, shimmy and fling their way to the nearest heat source in the room that the level is set in, with the ultimate goal in I Am Bread being to warm the bread enough that it may attain the coveted status of toast. While it sounds simple, I Am Bread is actually extremely difficult, meaning its audience is going to be primarily fans of challenging physics-based puzzlers.

I Am Bread: What We Like The Most

It's an actual game
Based off the game's title, one might not expect too much from I Am Bread, viewing it as just a light-hearted novelty simulator. However, in reality, it's crammed with deep mechanics and enough substantial content to qualify as a serious, quality game. While the premise of playing as a slice of bread might not sound like it fosters great game design, Bossa Studios have made it a reality.

It's absurdly difficult
Physics-based adventure games run the risk of being too simple to be entertaining or too complex to be enjoyable, but this game nails the perfect balance. The physics are extremely challenging to master, but the core game mechanics are so simple that it leaves you feeling accountable for your failures and responsible for your successes. In other words, this game gives you a great sense of control in overcoming its exasperating obstacles.

Loads of content
There's a decently implemented story component, racing challenges (with bagels, of course), rampage mode, cheese hunt quests, zero gravity missions and even a Star Wars parody mission called Starch Wars. In short, there's a lot to do in this game.

The Basics of I Am Bread

The player's slice of bread has the simple task of becoming toast, though this quest is made exponentially more difficult as heat sources are far and few between, scattered haphazardly across difficult-to-navigate rooms where a single misstep from the player's bread could spell death, which in this case is inedibility. If you land on the floor and fail to quickly get up, your edibility goes down. If you touch a surface that is wet or dirty, your edibility goes down. You can be eaten by ants, tainted by dead fish bones, covered in gross hairs from a guy's pillows; there are dozens of ways to die. Tactically fling yourself around these hazards to reach heat sources and secure edible, tasty toast status.

I Am Bread: Core Challenges

Mind the floor
As a piece of bread, your biggest obstacle will be the floor. It is never safe to touch, and will always lead to inedibility. Whether it's a carpet or rug, asphalt or cement, it's not safe turf. Other surfaces pose a risk as well, such as especially dirty walls, and anything that's wet. Any of these will lead to your bread's demise.

In I Am Bread, you have a limited amount of time to grip objects with the edges of your bread before it gives in to the exhaustion of supporting its own fluffy weight. Grip stamina recharges over time, but you'll need a safe, flat area to do it from. This means you need to be precise in where you fling yourself, as your bread needs to reach one of these flat areas before the current grip bar runs out.

After navigating through the long and arduous levels of I Am Bread, the worst thing that can possibly happen is for you to make it to the heating surface only to mess up your bread at the last second by overheating yourself. If a surface is extremely hot, don't just flop your bread on it; gently tap it over and over, incrementally warming yourself for a safer toasting experience.

Top User Questions

Do I need a controller? 
While the game does support keyboard play, even Bossa Studios recommends a controller. So, essentially, yes, a controller is necessary for the best experience with the least amount of frustration. 

Just how hard is the game, exactly?
Very. Even with a controller, the optimal tool to control your bread with, navigating the little slice is a tall order. Levels are crafted so that reaching the goal unscathed is practically impossible, and a lot of the angles you'll need to move your bread at require absurd amounts of skill or a lot of luck. It's still fun when it's frustrating, but that's the brand of fun you'll be experiencing most in this game.

Does the novelty wear off fast? 
Surprisingly, no! Being bread is surprisingly entertaining, long after your first go-around with the story mode. There's longevity to I Am Bread.

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