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About Infinity Blade III

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Epic Games | Platform: Mobile
Infinity Blade III is a touch screen action-RPG for iOS that released in September of 2013. Developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, Infinity Blade III is the final installment in the Infinity Blade saga that spanned three games and two books, starting with the first game’s release back in December of 2010. The game continues in the tradition of its predecessors boasting exceptional graphics, intuitive swipe based combat, a solid character and equipment leveling system, and a far more developed story than the original title in the series.

Infinity Blade III: Core Challenges

Infinity Blade is not a cake walk by any means. Each level is a linear path with a smattering of enemy encounters. These play out as one on one engagements where the player must dodge, block, parry, or interrupt the enemies attack until “Breaking” their guard. Once a guard break occurs, the enemy is vulnerable to attacks for a short window of time and the cycle repeats. Other than a few tweaks and additions, the gameplay should feel familiar for returning players. For new players, here are a few things to look out for:

Timing is Everything
This is a game based around timing. To parry a sword attack the player has to swipe the screen in opposition to the enemy’s swing: if the bad guy is using an overhead slash down towards your skull, swipe up vertically to parry. Certain weapon classes have the ability to block: to do so one has to press the block button before impact. What’s interesting here is that the closer to impact you press the block button, the better the block; the more time there is between you holding down block and impact the greater the penalty will be on your shield stat. The third option for defense is to dodge (also available depending on weapon class). Dodge away from the enemies attacks and eventually a dodge break will occur. I found this to be the most unreliable defense because what the enemy telegraphs and what actually occurs (as in what constitutes a proper dodge) are not always clear. If using dodge, enemy move memorization will guide your way.

Learn Your Play Style 
Each of the games two playable characters have three different weapon classes to choose from essentially breaking down into a light, a medium, and a heavy weapon set. The weapon style doesn’t just affect weapon speed, but it also determines how your character will defend. While parrying is always possible, the claw weapons of ISA allows her to dodge left, right, and up, where as her polearm weapons has her block left, right and center instead of dodging. When fighting through the titans of Infinity Blade it is imperative to discover what play style makes the most sense for you…even if that extremely powerful weapon seems awesome, if it has you venturing out of your defensive style comfort zone it may not be worth it.

Final Boss=No Retry
Each level will have a few titans (the bad guys) to fight, and each of these encounters is repayable if you die EXCEPT for the level end boss. As an evolution of the original games ancestry mechanic, where when you died your offspring took over with your same equipment, level and experience, a level restart will only trigger if you die at the level’s final boss. Otherwise you will be able to retry an engagement until you succeed or return to your home base to tweak equipment or go off and level grind so that when you return to that level you can demolish that fool.

What We Like Most About Infinity Blade III

The enemies of this game are called the deathless, immortal creatures doing the bidding of the main baddie. When they die, thematically they can come back, so you may fight the same type of enemy with varying degrees of power throughout your journey. That might seem repetitive, but thanks to the games tight and fun fighting mechanics, replaying an enemy is more a pleasure than pain. In a second encounter you will be more familiar with the enemy’s moves, but this time they may be quicker and more powerful, and one miss swipe will lead to your demise. The real standout in the enemy design is that while they have a defined move set, they do not have a defined pattern so most fights (including after a restart) will unfold in a different combo from your nemesis keeping encounters fresh. 

Most importantly though, is that the game is gorgeous. When the first game in the series was released in 2010, it was the first iOS game to the Unreal Engine. The game served as a proof of concept that a phone could play a console quality type game and helped legitimize the validity of the mobile game scene as more than a casual gaming device. Infinity Blade III continues in the tradition of its predecessors with absolutely stunning graphics and great gameplay for a mobile game. This was released in 2013 and it still looks stellar.

As for your characters and leveling, when your character levels up they will receive two skill points that can be placed into  one of four categories: Attack, Health, Shield, and Magic. Each category has a set of unlockable traits depending on what your stat level is, ranging from lock picking skills to better crafting from merchants or power attacks. Each piece of equipment can also be “mastered”, which means you had it equipped for a certain amount of experience gained. The prize for this is another skill point to spend as you see fit.

The Story: The Cycle Must End

The game starts with the Worker of Secrets narrating about how he created the Deathless, and how they have demolished most of mankind. He forged the Infinity Blade, the only weapon that can permanently kill Deathless. He was betrayed by a Deathless who took the Infinity Blade for himself, and locked the Worker away. The God King, Raidriar, enslaved mankind with the Infinity Blade until he was defeated by Siris, one of our main characters. Siris, having used the Blade to kill Raidriar, unknowingly activated the Blade's potential to permanently kill the Deathless. He later frees the Worker, who then imprisons him and Raidriar in the Vault of Tears and continues with his goal of destroying the world. You play as Siris and his companion Isa after having escaped from the Vault of Tears.

FAQ and Nitpicking

There are a slew of new additions to the series in the third installment, and some work better than others. The dragon encounters are a nuisance rather than a reward, and the gem and potion crafting are a joke. Currency in the game is attainable through questing but can also be bought in game through the Apple Store, meaning that some will be able to just buy their way to victory. Overall these are just minor frustrations for an otherwise great game.

Below are a few frequently asked questions:
Can Kicks or Punches be Parried?
No. While counter intuitive only weapon can be parried and that doesn’t include shield bashes. In the case of these attacks, blocking or dodging is required.

Can the Dragon be Killed in the First Encounter?
No. Not unless you have the best equipment from the start. The dragon is designed to be a continuous encounter throughout the game until it is finally defeated. When this occurs there is a grand loot drop as a reward.

When the final boss is defeated, what next?
Missions can be replayed with either character instead of just the original one for the mission. The game also boasts a large variety of challenges to complete for tokens (a kind of game currency) as well as community based missions and arenas to gain more cash money prizes to get more and more powerful.

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